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My Mental Health Journey
Join the fight to raise awareness on mental illness. Share your story and inspire someone who is fighting a similar battle, or let your story help someone to understand what it means to have a mental illness. Regardless of which stage of recovery you are at, you're an inspiration for fighting the good fight each day. (Your contact information will be kept confidential.)
If you are sharing a story on behalf of a friend or family member, kindly indicate the mental illnesses that they are/were struggling with.
As you share your experience with a mental illness, try to answer the following questions: 1) When did it start and how long you have had this mental illness 2) What was/is the experience like for you? 3) What helped you during your struggles? 4) How has the experience changed you? 5) One piece of advice for someone going through a similar struggle
Stories will be shared on all or one of the following platforms if you have indicated yes above: Instagram, Facebook, Website. If you have indicated that you are comfortable with sharing a photo of yourself, we will reach out to you with more details.