ShopBack: Save with travel offers, cash back and more!

ShopBack: Save with travel offers, cash back and more!

I gotcha back.

Well, actually, ShopBack has got your back. Haha.

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of ShopBack Singapore  but to sum it short and sweet, ShopBack offers an online shopping experience that literally helps you get your cash back (Hence the term, “Cashback”… in this case, it really does mean what it says)

They have a really funny video that explains how it works:

It might seem too good to be true, but because ShopBack chooses to share the commissions earned from their merchants with us, it’s a win-win situation. If you remain a loyal customer and make purchases through ShopBack, over a few years you might just save a hundred dollars without doing anything.

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ShopBack works with many different brands, and they are having some promotions going on and you might like to check out their latest Agoda discount code, or if you’re like me and always looking to book your next getaway, you can save with an Expedia promo code. If you’re on a grad trip or planning for a place to stay for a quick escape from school/work, they also work with where you can book your accommodation.

Their website is super easy to use. I won’t go into the details of how it works, because they lay it out very clearly on their website here, and I don’t want to repeat their already simple instructions. But, what I will do is talk about what deals are available, and why I think it’s good.


A major perk is that ShopBack offers sales on top of all these existing benefits. As I write this, there is a Groupon Goods sale going on, as well as a travel and lifestyle sale! When you buy from ShopBack rather than directly through the merchants, you pay the same price but actually save more since you get a percent of that back. It ranges from an 8% cash back from FoodPanda to a 12% cash back from Lazada. If you’re into healthy food and supplements, you’ve probably heard of as well. If you buy regular groceries from iHerb, it would make a lot of sense to use ShopBack since you’ll save 3% each time! Assuming you spend $100 on each delivery every 2 weeks, you’ll save $3 x 24 = $72 in a year, which almost adds up to an entire purchase.

Not convinced? Let’s look at even more basic math: Since the cash back rewards work on a percentage basis, the more you buy, the more you benefit! The key is to be consistent in your purchases, and you’ll start to see the small percentages add up.

My guess is that you’ll probably want to  click here  to start your ShopBack experience today! I mean who wouldn’t want to spend some and earn some eh?

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