The Perks of Being the Middle Child

The Perks of Being the Middle Child

There are so many articles about how life as a middle child sucks, so I thought I would do a tongue-in-cheek article about my life as a middle child. I was inspired to write this post because I’m back home living in a full house, and it’s a constant reminder of my siblings presence… because of a significant increase in noise levels, and an even more significant decrease in personal space.

That said; please don’t take this article too seriously. I’ve noticed increasing concern expressed by my friends who read my posts, thinking that something is wrong. But I couldn’t be happier right now, really. This article is intended more as a joke, and hopefully something you can relate to on some levels.

1. The negative attention is drawn away
While one of the cons may be that you feel forgotten or that you’re lacking attention, this works the other way too! Your older or younger siblings often get into trouble way more than you, and you can conveniently blend into your surroundings while your mistakes go unnoticed.

2. You are usually on the winning team
When you have an odd number of kids, like three kids in my family, there will definitely be teams forming against each other. It’s all in good fun of sibling rivalry. As the middle child, you have the most strategic position. You can join forces with your older sibling with shared experiences and wisdom, or you can choose to join your younger sibling by acting immature and connecting with them on their level. Truth be told, the odds are in your favor since you have a smaller age gap with both your siblings, and you would be able to strategically tap on what you do have in common. With two always against one working to your benefit, who’s complaining?

3. You are trained to be a mediator
From young, you are taught to look out for and give in to your younger sibling. At the same time, you always had to respect and give in to your older sibling. Having grown up in a culture of always giving in, and finding ways to remain amicable with both siblings, I’ve been taught to stand the middle ground and maintain good relations with everyone. You’re trained to hear both sides, and to mediate conflict so that everyone gets the best of both worlds… after all, it doesn’t really matter to you. You either get nothing or 1/3 of everything, so mediating conflict is always a win-win for you.

4. You benefit from having an older sibling to test waters
Your older sibling has the responsibility of setting the direction for the rest of the children, and to look out for them. He is also the first to try a lot of things, which allows you to learn from his experiences. This is particularly useful during major exams since you have notes from them, and can mentally prepare yourself for the mugger life that is to come.

5. You get the best spot in photos
You know how standing at the side in photos makes you look fat? Well, just call out that you want to take a sibling photo, and you automatically get a prime spot in the centre. (Okay, this is a really lame point, but I’m really milking this for all it’s worth hahaha)

6. You won’t have personal space issues
My siblings have no qualms with personal space and they love giving and receiving hugs. But I, on the other hand, would die if a group of people tried to hug me. Personal space is a big thing for me, and my siblings love to annoy me by invading my personal space. Cue unsolicited hugs, and never-ending hijacks of my bed. After years of living with them (I didn’t have a choice hahaha), I’ve learnt to be more receptive to hugs and to be a little less crazy about personal space issues.

7. You learn more
This applies to more than just middle kids, but just having many siblings in general. With more siblings, you learn more and get to hear different points of view. You see things from a more simplistic and innocent point of view from your younger sibling; yet get a more matured viewpoint from your older sibling. This is actually important in future, especially when you are managing teams, as it reminds you to consider everyone’s viewpoint regardless of age and experience.

8. You always have a buddy for any occasion
When I’m feeling immature and in need of a good laugh or simply want to have a girly HTHT, my younger sister is the way to go. If I want to have an intellectual discussion, I turn to my older brother for advice and for a good conversation. My younger sister has the strangest cravings, and is the most fun food buddy because we can eat in the most unglamorous manner possible, and still not judge each other. My older brother also serves as a useful bodyguard, and fake boyfriend, which is actually handier than you think. (Author’s note: This works the other way too, in case this seems like I’m the only beneficiary haha)

9. You become a more interesting person
You know how to relate to people both younger and older than you, and you are better able to talk about a more diverse range of topics. I can talk about topics ranging from dance to judo, and will happily pose for Snapchat videos to make your life seem more interesting than it actually is. (A skill developed thanks to my professional Snapchatter younger sister).

10. This post is jointly sponsored by my siblings



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