Mai Xiang Yuan: Dumplings, dumplings…and more dumplings

Mai Xiang Yuan: Dumplings, dumplings…and more dumplings


I love dumplings… if you can’t already tell. I’ve eaten dumplings more than 5 times ever since I’ve come to Montreal. #asian

I was reading up on places with good dumplings in Montreal, and Mai Xiang Yuan was one of the choices. I decided to venture down with my friends to check it out and satisfy our… or at least my never-ending dumpling cravings.

We ordered a plate of boiled pork & cabbage dumplings, boiled pork & mushroom dumplings and pork & cabbage dumpling soup. The boiled plates had about 15 dumplings on each plate, while the soup bowl had 10 dumplings. I’d say one plate of boiled dumplings would make a satisfying meal for under CAD$10!


The dumplings in the soup were very average unfortunately. The soup tasted like simple seaweed soup, and the dumplings seemed to have less filling than the boiled ones. The skin was also thicker, and the soup seemed to dilute the flavour of the dumplings. Perhaps some of the soup seeped through the skin of the dumpling, making the filling more watery and less flavourful.

I wouldn’t recommend the dumplings in soup. But what I would recommend are the normal boiled dumplings! The meat filling was generous and juicy, and the skin wasn’t thick. They are best eaten hot, so don’t waste time taking photos and just dig in.


I personally preferred the pork & cabbage dumplings, but my friends didn’t mind both the pork & cabbage / pork & mushroom versions.


The service is fast, just like you would expect in any asian eatery. If you’re looking for a place to relax and chat the afternoon away, this isn’t the place! Unlike chill cafes, Mai Xiang Yuan is more of a place to get your food and leave, so other customers can get their fill of dumplings. While you won’t be chased out, you wouldn’t feel like sitting around… unless you’re up for another round of dumplings that is.


Even their teapot has their iconic dumpling on it!


You won’t miss the cute dumpling signs that are unique to Mai Xiang Yuan. They almost look too cute to eat. Almost. Cause you know you are gonna eat them anyway.

Do I recommend it? Yes definitely. Just go straight for the boiled dumplings, and give the soup and fried version a miss. They have other variations of the fillings, including shrimp, so there’s something for everyone 🙂

Rating: 7/10

Mai Xiang Yuan
1082 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2Z 1J5

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