Crossings Cafe: Serving Opportunities.

Crossings Cafe: Serving Opportunities.

Hello from Montreal! I’m currently here for the next 5 months on an exchange program under my university. It’s freezing here, but I’m loving the pretty white snow and the independence. That said, I do miss my friends and family, but I’m just thrilled to be here, and to be blessed with this experience. (Thanks mum and dad!)

Before I left, I visited Crossings Cafe, near Bras Basah, which is a social enterprise that prides itself in providing opportunities for disadvantaged youths.

I strongly urge you to support Crossings Cafe since none of the profits are kept for the business, and everything goes into helping the youths from low-income families or who have learning difficulties to set up businesses and continue to value add in their working lives. It’s wonderful how there is so much good in this world. This is a great form of encouragement for these youths. Just being given the chance to work is already giving them hope for the future.


That said, I would suggest coming with an open mind and open heart. The staff may not be the fastest, or the food may not be the best… but their attitude in serving is what matters. Please be patient to the staff and strike up conversation with them, rather than treating them coldly. I think every smile and conversation brightens up their day, and makes them feel acknowledged for their efforts.

I tried their Cappuccino which was good! I’m not much of a coffee drinker but this cuppa was very rich and had a full-bodied flavour. The bitterness from the cocoa beans wasn’t too overwhelming too. I’m no coffee afficionado, but I’m pretty sure this was a good cuppa joe.


We also ordered their chocolate cake and carrot cake to share.


The Chocolate Cake was very average, especially the solidified ganache. But again, a reminder, this isn’t about the food, it’s about giving back. The staff are given the chance to decorate the plates as they wish, hence the adorable squiggle of chocolate sauce and sprinkle of chopped peanuts.


The Carrot Cake tasted much better than it looked. Of course it doesn’t compare to the likes of Cedele and Baker & Cook, but this slice of cake pays it forward for the staff working at Crossings Cafe.


I went there in December, so the Christmas mood was still in the air. The eatery was quite empty when I went, so I hope more people will support this social enterprise instead of going on less meaningful cafe-hopping trails.


I look so so so terrible in this photo, but I would like to give a little shout out to my waitress whose name was coincidentally Andrea as well! She was very helpful, and gave us recommendations. When I tried to strike up conversation with her, she was very confident in answering and I could sense her maturity.


Perhaps my favourite part about the cafe atmosphere would be the verses and inspirational quotes on the wall. The picture below shows a verse from the Bible about Jesus feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish.


I really hope that you will visit Crossings Cafe, at least once, and hopefully many more times, to support their cause and give these youths the encouragement and opportunities that they need! It just takes one meal to pay it forward.

Will you be that person today?

Crossings Cafe
55 Waterloo St, S(187954)
(+65) 6336 6203



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