Oh-Goodies Snack Box: June

I’ve been sampling quite a few healthy snack boxes lately! Imagine the not-so-healthy amount of goodies at my disposal. The sheer quantity probably negates the healthiness of these snacks.

Anyway, adding to the list is Oh-Goodies! Snack Box by Made Real SG. I used to write for Made Real, as a nutrition editor, and you can check out some of my previous posts here.

That said, the lovely ladies, Fangmin and Yixin were kind enough to send me a box of Oh-Goodies to review. As always, all opinions are my own 🙂

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Their box was bigger than BoxGreen‘s, about the size of a shoe box.

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If you don’t already know about Made Real, here’s a short snippet from their website:

Why Made Real?

We hope to tackle the increasing problem of body-image dissatisfaction in our generation, which is closely associated with eating disorders and obesity. To shape a community conducive to recovery and health improvement for these individuals, we promote open discourse to eliminate the taboo of a destructive self- and body- image. Body image dissatisfaction refers to a perceived gap between one’s actual and perceived body image. Such concerns are exacerbated by media and peer pressure towards a socially ideal weight and body shape, in addition to a high-stress schooling and working environment.

I completely support their cause, and I think it is important for individuals to learn to love themselves regardless of their body size. Especially with the picture-perfect photos flooding our news feeds, comparison is inevitable… and unhealthy. I think social media feeds an unhealthy reliance on society to determine our self-worth.

I suddenly feel motivated to do a post on body dysmorphia/body-image. But that’s for another time.

Let’s move on to the box!

They included some promotional pamphlets and a snippet of the latest inspirational story on Made Real by Mitchelle.

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I really liked that they included a card to describe the theme for the month, and a short descriptor for each snack. It shows their commitment to stick to the theme for the month.

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Laksa Cookies by Spatula&Whisk

Laksa cookies caught my eye. Cookies are usually sweet, so the idea of having spicy savoury cookies intrigued me. These were made by Spatula & Whisk.

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The smell of the laksa leaves hit me when I opened the bag of cookies. I just caught a whiff of the aroma, and was kind of stunned for a bit.

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The cookies are bright orange, just like the spicy laksa gravy you get. And they are bite sized, kind of like famous amos cookies! The fresh ones, not the weird-smelling and strange-tasting pre-packaged ones.

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The laksa cookies were so good. I really enjoyed them, much to my surprise. They had the texture of butter cookies, and not much taste initially, but then the laksa flavour lingers in the aftertaste.

My reaction was pretty much:
“This doesn’t taste like laksa. It’s like a butter cookie with a muted savoury flavour. Almost like dried prawn. It smells like laksa though….. Oh wait. OH wait. I taste the laksa. Oh my gosh. That’s so cool. I can taste the laksa. This is good.”

I highly recommend these cookies!

Cheng Tng Granola by Eastern Granola

Cheng Tng Granola? That was the next crazy item that caught my eye. It was good stuff too! It didn’t exactly taste like Cheng Tng though, just rather sweet. But it smelled good. I guess it’s hard to replicate something that is associated with a smooth, cool dessert with a snack that is crunchy and dry. The textures are completely different!

It’s like creating Tau Suan Brittle or Ondeh Ondeh Chips. They don’t exist by the way, I just made up these strange concoctions 😛 (Somebody should attempt to make those though. Haha, I would try it for the novelty)

photo 5-3

I would eat this on yogurt… not with milk. I can’t imagine the flavours infusing into the milk, and leaving you with Cheng Tng flavoured milk. Bleh.

Kacang Puteh

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Tasted like Kacang Puteh? Haha. Nothing much to comment here.

Almond Drink


I was expecting almond milk, but it was far from it. I didn’t like this at all. It tasted like the chinese almond jelly dessert, with the strong almond essence, which is not my thing at all. But if you like the chinese almond jelly dessert… this is like a watered down version of it. Imagine drinking the jelly before it’s set.

Jackfruit Chips

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I have yet to try this, but I’m sure it’ll be good. Greenday has pretty decent snacks. I had their dried strawberries once, and they were crispy and sweet.

Teh Si Siu Dai Sng Bao
According to the content list, this was supposed to be in the box, but it was missing in mine. It sounds rad though. Frozen tea sticks? I wonder how they intended to deliver it.

I loved June’s box! Oh-Goodies stands out from other snack boxes with their monthly themes which make each box a surprise and a delight to eat. The variety was there, the quality of the snacks were there, the novelty was there. Pretty much everything I look for in a snack box. I love trying new snacks, and with the bonus of having snacks that are (relatively) healthier for you, I give two thumbs up to Oh-Goodies!

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