Eat Clean with BoxGreen: July’s Box

Eat Clean with BoxGreen: July’s Box

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Healthy eating had become so much easier, especially with the growing number of healthy food subscription boxes in Singapore!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out BoxGreen‘s healthy snack box delivery service, and I thought I would share my opinions with you all.

P.S I have a little surprise for you guys, so do read on to the very end! 😛 Good things come to those who wait (or those who are impatient and just scroll to the end of the post without reading anything haha)

Disclaimer: The snack box was kindly sponsored by BoxGreen, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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At first glance, I was rather unimpressed by the size of the box. BoxGreen’s box is much smaller than the other healthy snack boxes that I have tried, probably about half the size of the other snack boxes.

But of course, you can’t judge a book by its cover. A big box doesn’t equate to quality snacks, and likewise a small box doesn’t mean it’s any worse. Tiny is mighty!

Luckily, BoxGreen did offer pretty decent items! My box came with 4 items.

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I found it so funny how they named every single item with some cute name.

In my box, I had Fanciful Figs, Awesome Apple Crisps, Mocha Almonds and Berry Dark in Here. 

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Four items may not seem like a lot, but I think it’s about right for one month of snacking.

 Mocha Almonds

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This was amazing. The best flavoured nuts I’ve had. Fresh and crunchy, with a slight bitter taste from the coffee coating paired with the sweetness from the brown sugar. So good.

Berry Dark in Here

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These are dark chocolate coated dried strawberries and raisins. But they look absolutely unappetising here. The dark chocolate buttons all melted, and became smooshed up with everything.

I was pretty grossed out. But I took one for the team and tried it anyway!

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Apart from the fact that it looked disgusting, taste wise, it was actually nice! The clumps of dried fruit and chocolate tasted good together. But if BoxGreen wants to deliver chocolate (or other easily melted goods), I think they need to devise some kind of system to prevent it from melting so fast, especially in Singapore’s hot weather. Cause no one likes receiving melted chocolate.

Fanciful Figs
I haven’t tried this yet, but the dried figs look really yummy!

Awesome Apple Crisps

This was another win for me. The air-fried apple chips were crispy and had the natural sweetness of the apple. I finished it in one sitting! I wish I had more 😀

BoxGreen’s Promotion – SURPRISE!

If you’re keen to try BoxGreen’s healthy snack boxes… I have a surprise for you!

If you key in my code: Foogo20 before checking out, you can enjoy 20% off their first box!

Despite my initial reservations about BoxGreen, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the goods. (Strongly recommend Mocha Almonds and Apple Crisps!!) I also like their wide variety of dried fruits, nuts and chips which have such unique flavours. I would love to try their Shitake Mushroom Chips (I know right, I didn’t even know that was a thing.)

What’s even better is that they’ve upped their game in terms of customisation to consumer preferences, and they’ve recently added a feature where they recommend snacks based on one’s taste preferences (e.g. salty, sweet, filling, etc)!

They also win brownie points for customer service, since customers are asked to fill up all 8 options in your pantry. This is to ensure that if any of your top 4 options are unavailable, we can replace it with another snack in your pantry! So you get what you want.

Perhaps what makes them stand out the most is their conscientious in meeting customer’s needs, rather than just providing a generic box to everyone. The folks behind BoxGreen sure do know how to match demand with supply.

With BoxGreen, you get what you ask for.

Rating: 7/10


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