Verace Truffles: A luxury fit for a queen

Verace Truffles: A luxury fit for a queen

Disclaimer: The products are sponsored, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

With Mothers’ Day coming round the corner… Oh wait, Mothers’ Day is TOMORROW, you must be racking your brains on what to get for Mothers’ Day!

Well, I was recently given the pleasure of trying Verace’s Truffle Gift Set which is available for sale here for Mothers’ Day. Even if you aren’t in time for Mothers’ Day, you could always get them for Fathers’ Day!

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I’m not a huge fan of truffles, cause they smell like petroleum to me, and they don’t seem to add much to the flavour. But after tasting Verace’s truffles, I’ve changed my mind about truffles! Those that I’ve eaten in Truffle Mac&Cheese and what not must have been pretty low grade…

WOAH. Deja vu. I feel like I’ve written this post before. Haha. 

Just a little bit about Verace Food & Luxuries before I review the truffle set. (Verace sounds a lot like Versace doesn’t it? Talk about brand positioning! Haha, helping customers to perceive their products as luxury goods just through the name itself. Smart!)

Now besides the Versace bit, why the name Verace Food & Luxuries? 

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Verace means unadulterated and genuine in Italian.The name couldn’t be more apt as it reflects their philosophy of providing only the best products, organically grown, picked from the source, and processed naturally without the use of chemicals and artificial flavourings.

Their truffle products are produced with no artificial flavouring, no truffle “aroma”, “essence”, “extracts”, “flavouring” and “perfume” as these are terms used to make 2,4 dithiapentane sound more palatable. The 2,4 dithiapentane is a lab-produced chemical and a derivative of the toxic formaldehyde. (Ooh, Chemicals… YUM haha)

Their truffle products are wild-grown and hand-picked from the source – the pristine Molise mountainous region in Southeastern Italy and processed with the strictest quality controls.

Verace products are certified by ICEA and Bio Laboratori Alimenta in the EU to be free of 2,4 dithiapentane.


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The truffles came nicely packaged in this little cardboard box.

photo 2-28

Despite the simplicity of the box, I think the design came across nicely with small touches like the card and the ribbon which made it look more personalised.

There were two bottles in it, one was White Truffle Honey, and the other was Minced Black Truffle.

photo 3-23

I’ll start with the Minced Black Truffles!

photo 1-25

Verace’s truffles are completely natural so it has a less pungent truffle taste compared to some restaurants outside. I’m really thankful for that actually, since I had a pretty bad experience with a couple of truffle-infused dishes which smelled like petroleum. I came out of that restaurant smelling like I just came from a car factory. Apparently those truffles are lower end and use artificial petrochemical flavoring used to mimic the aroma of truffles.
Why would someone even create artificial petrochemical flavouring?? It doesn’t even smell or sound appealing for that matter.

photo 3-22

I quite liked the minced black truffle cause it had a nice texture to it! It actually looked like minced mushrooms, the kind you find at the bottom of your mushroom soup.

If this is what real, fresh truffles taste like, I actually do like truffles!

photo 4-21

I tried this with some pretzels and they surprisingly tasted good together! My friend tried the minced black truffles on a marshmallow, but I highly recommend you not to follow suit. Haha.

Next up, White Truffle Honey!

photo 2-27

This sounded really promising, so I was very excited to try it out. And I’m glad to say, it didn’t disappoint.

photo 1-24

It tasted like Manuka Honey, but with a much runnier consistency. But it was good. I wonder what White Truffle Honey Water would taste like? I think I would enjoy this drizzled over my oatmeal or perhaps a slice of peanut butter toast!

photo 2-26

There was this black truffle inside… or maybe that’s what they call the “white truffle” to infuse the truffle flavour. I couldn’t taste the truffle in this though, it tastes just like the usual manuka honey.

photo 3-21

Overall, I would give them both a thumbs up! They both tasted very… organic, very natural and earthy and that’s what food is supposed to be. Not overpowering, or laden with chemicals or filled with man-made goodness knows what.

Thank you Verace for the opportunity to try your truffle products 🙂

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