Guest Post: Australian Dairy Company

Guest Post: Australian Dairy Company

Hey guys!

I have something exciting in store for you today, or rather Sean has something exciting in store for you. Today’s post will be Foogo’s first guest post courtesy of my friend Sean, whom I met during night cycling with our fellow friends from Tembusu College a couple of months back.

Meet Sean!


Sean is an avid backpacker and lover of all things fun. He is currently studying Dentistry in NUS, and is quite the entrepreneur since he also set up his own small business madeofglee just last year, which specialises in Macbook Air/Pro keyboard decal stickers! Do check it out, they have some pretty rad designs. Sean’s quite the outdoorsman as well, and you can find him cycling, running, skateboarding and even diving. He recently went Couchsurfing too, so if you ever want to host him or want him to be your host, you’ll be in for lots of fun 😀

Sean recently went backpacking in Hong Kong and China with a couple of friends and kindly agreed to do a guest post on the famous Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong. So with that, I’ll leave Sean to take you on his gastronomical journey (:
Hong Kong’s Best Scrambled Eggs
Against a street of brightly colored neon signs and placards, the simple, faded-white shop front of the Australian Dairy Co. stood out for us. Upon entering the shop, we were greeted by the clatter of cutlery and lively chatter. The shop was filled with an assortment of people: from tourists donning Mickey Mouse novelty hats to students grabbing a quick bite before school. Most of them seemed like they were just regular Hong Kong folks going about their morning routine.

Australian Dairy Co.’s name is a little perplexing as nothing Australian stood out in the shop. Rather, it felt uniquely Hong Kong, with the waiters barking instructions to each other and at any customers slow enough to earn their chagrin. Their irritability and coarse nature was very characteristic of a thriving family owned business. Nonetheless, the whole place had a homely glow to it, just as if it were that coffee shop below your void deck.

Their service was very prompt and within minutes, we got our orders.

First up were their famous Scrambled Eggs (17 HKD).

With heightened expectations, we dug in… and were pleasantly surprised. It was creamy, moist and surprisingly light. The eggs had a delightful umami flavor, with the fragrance from chicken broth clearly evident in each mouthful. It was a nice twist from the usual western renditions. It was clear that this was a recipe that had been tried and tested to perfection. It wasn’t as fluffy as scrambled eggs usually are, but rather, it had a different, lighter consistency that melted easily in your mouth. Paired with lightly buttered toast, the balance was so satisfying.

Next, we had their hot Milk Custard Pudding (26HKD), which was amazing. It was rich, creamy and had a very full-bodied taste. The touch of sweetness paired really well with the hints of almond infused into the pudding. Some found it a little thick for their taste so I’d recommend ordering a portion to share with your friends!


Finally, we ordered their French Toast (17HKD).

The presentation was mouth watering! We instantly dug in and finished it within seconds. Their golden brown French toast was clearly evenly coated with buttery goodness. It was light and fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Together with the butter and syrup provided, the saltiness from the butter provided a nice contrast to the sweetness from the syrup , as it should in a good plate of French toast.


The coffee/tea and ham w/ macaroni soup that came with the set meal (32HKD for the set, including coffee/tea, macaroni soup with ham and scrambled eggs and toast) were really good as well. The coffee and tea were served to us at the end, wrapping up our meal with a satisfying cuppa.


While their long queues do look a little intimidating, fret not as it moves pretty fast. I’d say for the prices and the quality, the food is definitely a must try when you’re in Hong Kong! (Y)

Despite its western name, Australia Dairy Co. still retains the flavor of a true Hong Kong eatery. Its prices are really affordable for an eatery in Hong Kong, which are normally about 40-50 HKD for a decent meal. For 32 HKD, our meal was affordable, satisfying and hearty. As any backpacker can attest, it’s finding unexpectedly delicious and affordable gems like these that make travelling such a blast!

So if you’re in Hong Kong and looking for a break from all the Michelin-starred Dim Sum shops that seem to turn up at every corner, then do pop by Australian Dairy Company. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Australian Dairy Company
47-49 Parkes Street

Open 730am-11pm daily, except Thursdays

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