Lao Ban Beancurd: The ‘W’ Factor

Lao Ban Beancurd: The ‘W’ Factor

Nope, not the WOW factor, I’m referring to the wobble factor!

With so many copycats in the soya bean curd market, it’s hard to differentiate one from another, especially with such a homogenous product! But, after tasting quite a few generic brands (I bet they are all sourced from the same supplier), I’ve finally found out what the differentiating factor between a good quality soya bean curd and the run-of-the-mill kind!

photo 1-12

Lao ban started this whole craze about 3-4 years ago, and people still love it. I guess it is one of those desserts you can’t get sick of, unlike donuts.

Lao Ban Beancurd has this beautiful wobble to it. If you open the container and wobble it a little, the bean curd wobbles almost dangerously, threatening to tip over the plastic rim or to break the beautiful soya film on top.

photo 2-12

Other bean curds don’t have the characteristic wobble of lao ban bean curds, or their wobbles are less pronounced. Oh my, haha, what a detailed study of the wobble factor.

photo 3-9

Another thing that set Lao Ban a notch above the rest is the silky smooth texture of the bean curd. I think this photo really reflects how smooth the bean curd is! Its literally reflecting the light. The bean curd is so smooth that the plastic spoon cuts it easily, without leaving any uneven marks.

photo 4-8

In fact, the bean curd barely even stays on the spoon. You have to carefully lift the spoon up to your mouth and slurp up the smooth silky goodness before it falls off again. Haha.

It’s hard to have a long post on the taste of soy bean curd alone, but to sum it up, it’s basically worth the try, and the many repeated visits to follow.

They have loads of outlets around Singapore, just follow the characteristic neon-yellow sign with the cartoon old man and woman. I’ve tried the almond flavour too, but I personally prefer the original.

I heard they add a little almond essence to the original, but not as much the Almond flavoured one, so it doesn’t overpower the taste and let’s the bean curd take centre stage.

So what are you waiting for? It’s healthy and tasty, and keeps well! That’s a win in so many departments 🙂

Rating: 7/10

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