Assembly Coffee: A is for Amazing

Assembly Coffee: A is for Amazing

I’m not easily wow-ed by desserts. Perhaps after tasting desserts of such high quality, everything else pales in comparison. If you check out my blog, you’ll realise that most of my ratings hover around 6-7 with the very rare 9/10, since nothing really impresses me enough to get such a high rating.

But Assembly Coffee has left an impression on me. I don’t really fancy all these fancy waffles from cafes, I prefer the pandan waffles slathered in peanut butter that you can find at the local neighbourhood bakeries. They cost slightly more than a buck, and provide you the same amount of happiness. I mean, who doesn’t love those fragrant pandan waffles that are slightly crisp on the outside, and chewy on the inside? Drenched in the spread of your choice (peanut butter/chocolate/jams), it was my childhood favourite. With something so yummy and affordable, there’s no doubt why I’m so reluctant to pay more than $10 for a waffle in some fancy schancy place!

photo 1-11

Before I talk about the waffles, let’s talk about their Granola and Yogurt which was pretty darn good too.

Granola + yogurt. ($6.90)photo 3-8

First thing that striked me was how they actually bothered with the presentation. After all, we eat with our eyes first. And in Singapore’s case, with our phones as well. The strawberry was sliced so beautifully, and the rays of sunlight just reflected off the glass so nicely, I had to take a photo.

photo 4-7

The yogurt was lovely…Tangy light yogurt. Would be nicer if thicker. But tastewise it was good.

Granola seemed to be homemade, and it was chock full of ingredients like dessicated coconut, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried cranberries, raisins.. It was very crunchy! There was more than enough granola provided for the amount of yogurt. We don’t usually eat yogurt and granola in equal proportions right? As you can see in the photo, the granola was given in the same sized cup as the yogurt, but I feel it would be better if they gave more yogurt to go with the granola.

On to the star of the show!

Chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, strawberries on buttermilk waffles ($11.50) 
photo 1-10

Although on the high end, the waffles were fluffy and not laced with the cloying sweetness you sometimes get from commercial waffles. The waffles were dense yet managed to retain it’s crispiness on the outside. Even until the very end, despite being soaked in chocolate sauce and ice cream, the crispiness held up. So pleased with that 😀

The chocolate sauce was rather generic, and was given in very very generous amounts. In fact, I would prefer if they left it as a chocolate drizzle, instead of giving me a chocolate downpour. (You can literally see the pools of chocolate my waffle is holding up) That being said, the chocolate sauce wasn’t too sweet either, and you could actually taste the chocolate flavour unlike some chocolate syrups.

photo 2-10

The icing on the cake, or rather the ice cream on the waffle, was that the ice cream was studded with vanilla beans! A sign of quality in vanilla ice cream 🙂 Thumbs up! Not sure if it was homemade, but it was yummy.

One area of improvement to highlight: Assembly Coffee folks should invest in another waffle iron. Given the popularity of their waffles, one waffle iron isn’t enough to keep up with the orders. My foodie friends and I ordered 3 waffles, and they served each waffle every 5 minutes or so since they could only make one waffle at a time. Not exactly very good service when you’re dining with friends. It’s best if they could serve at least 2 at once.

Kudos to them for warming up the plates though. Little things like that do count 🙂

photo 2-11

Yes, A is for Andrea, but A is also for AMAZING WAFFLES. If you haven’t already guessed, Assembly Coffee’s waffles have won my heart, and I would be willing to fork out $11.50 (My wallet cries in despair) for the waffles again.  I’ll definitely be back. These are so much better than Sunday folks/Creamier’s waffles (Read- Airy, light and tasteless. A review for another time perhaps!)

The cafe is TINY though, so be prepared to squeeze. (I don’t like crowded places so this was a slight turnoff)

Oh and if you’re the kind who likes having dessert for lunch…One waffle with ice cream makes a substantial meal 😛 (They have salted caramel and earl grey caramel waffle flavours for the adventurous, as well as cakes/tarts/pastries for the sweet toothed and even savoury options for those who need proper food)

But I’d still recommend the waffles with ice cream. It’s good for your soul. 😉

Rating: 8/10

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