Maki-san: Taking sushi to a whole new level

Maki-san: Taking sushi to a whole new level

First off, my sincerest apologies to all my readers. I know that I’ve been MIA for a while now, I just didn’t realise it was more than a month since my last post!

I haven’t been able to drag my lazy butt to do a post since I just wanted a break from all this food stuff. It does get a little tiring to have your life revolve around food all the time. I mean, I am still passionate about my food and cooking and all, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from having to snap photos of what you eat all the time. I hope you all understand where I’m coming from.

During this short hiatus, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I will probably be branching out to other topics that I am passionate about, like health&fitness and cooking, since there’s so much more to life that food right?

Well, nonetheless, I’m finally back with a long overdue post about… MAKI-SAN.

I’ve been having quite a fetish with sushi lately, especially salmon sushi and tamagoyaki sushi (My two favorites!) so a post on a sushi eatery was in order.

At Maki-san, you get to customise your sushi to suit your preferences. They allow you to choose from a whole variety of fillings from grilled veggies to salmon and even pork floss! The full selection on their menu can be found here.
makisan5 (1)

After the efficient sushi masters put together your sushi order, they will place your sushi roll into a machine to be cut into 8 pieces before packaging them. The whole system kind of reminds me of a factory concept, just that it’s on display for everyone to see!

They serve their sushi in adorable containers which can be re-used! Most people keep the pretty casings and even use it to make creative cardboard wallets!

Here’s just a sneak peek at what various sushi rolls looks like:
This is what one of my friend’s ordered, I can’t remember what she chose, but I know she ordered a little san!

makisan2 (1)

Here’s what another friend ordered… It was a mega-san, but again I can’t remember her exact order. (Wouldn’t it be creepy if I remembered their orders? Hahaha)

makisan3 (1)

As for me,  I ordered a Mega San ($9.90) which came with a complimentary miso soup (worth $1.50) Maybe it was a student promotion, but whatever it is, I’m not complaining.

In an attempt to be healthy, I ordered brown rice instead of white sushi rice. On hindsight, I would suggest that you stick to sushi rice, it holds together better and tastes better in sushi. After all, it is sushi rice for a reason. I chose the seaweed wrap (there’s another option of a soy wrap, but it looked strangely yellow so I gave it a miss) with grilled mushroom, grilled eggplant, avocado, tamagoyaki, roasted mixed peppers, salmon sashimi, bonito flakes, garlic aioli. 

makisan4 (1)

It was nice and big, although it was slightly hard to eat cause the seaweed was chewy, so the roll kept falling apart. I really liked how you could choose what you wanted, cause everyone has their own, sometimes strange, tastes.  Don’t worry about it not working, if you like the ingredients you choose, somehow you’ll like them even when their all combined together, even if it seems weird.

makisan (1)

I recommend the Mega san over the Little San, even though it costs more, since you get more fillings! I mean who wouldn’t want to get to choose even more yummy fillings right?

makisan6 (1)

Maki-san also offers salads with a similar customizable ordering style if you aren’t into sushi. But I would still recommend the sushi over the salads since you can customize salads at most salad bars, but customizing your own sushi? Now that’s a novelty.

While the sushi may not be mind-blowingly good, in fact it’s just average, it is still great fun to have a role in creating your perfect sushi roll. I would be definitely be back again for their affordable prices, cute designs and creative concept!

Rating: 7/10 (+1 for customizable fun!)

2 Handy Rd, S229233
6737 8772


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