HOUSE@Dempsey: Vintage High-Tea Buffet

HOUSE@Dempsey: Vintage High-Tea Buffet

It’s time for an extremely overdue post! This review on the hightea at HOUSE@Dempsey got pushed back by almost a whole year because I kept eating good food that I wanted to share with you all immediately.

Well, get comfortable, cause you’re in for a treat. HOUSE@Dempsey is the high-tea buffet to go for, and judging by the influx of nomworthy photos you’re about to see, I can already foresee that you will need little convincing to go and try this high tea buffet for yourself.

Above, you’ll see empty plates…that was all we left behind after enjoying 3 hours of non-stop eating. We definitely left with our bellies filled, and smiles on our faces.


High tea is quintessential to any lovely lady’s life. Whether or not guys enjoy it is another matter. For us ladies, we love to dress up in pretty little dresses, and sit down with a cuppa, nibbling on sweet pastries and cake as we chatter with our girlfriends. What makes it even better would be the presentation and ambience at HOUSE@Dempsey. They take the effort to lay out their delectable treats on vintage plates, and offer the most adorable decorations like flags, books and picnic baskets to complete the vibe.


Flowers, vintage plates and books…simple decorations, yet it is easy to find beauty in such simplicity.


Even their drinks are well presented, with a self-serve area of various types of teas to go along with your sweet treats.


Here’s one of their dishes, a simple creamy canape topped with smoked salmon, and embellished with a little egg mayo.

I suppose, I am quite a fan of savoury food. I would gladly choose a savoury sit-down meal, over a slice of cake. Perhaps that’s why my favorite part of the high tea buffet was the Bread Corner!

photo 5 (87)

Freshly baked bread all sliced for you, and an assortment of savoury toppings to go with your bread. Think truffled mushrooms, bolognese sauce, fresh cheese, dried fruits, creamy crabmeat, and even cold pasta for a side. Mmm, heaven.

For the sweeties out there, who love their cakes and cookies, fret not! This buffet was made for you. Majority of the buffet offers sweet desserts, with mini cakes and cookies all decked out like there’s no tomorrow.

Jammie dodgers anyone? Or perhaps some citrusy Orange Cake to add some kick into your life?


Another favorite was the oh-so-decadent chocolate cake which was so rich and good. Just look at that dark beauty, basking in all its glory. Chocolate lovers —  Attack!!!!


I’ve always loved Madelines as a kid, and judging by the perfectly-browned base of these madelines, these are yet another must-try at the buffet.


Truth be told, the hardest part about going to any restaurant is having to choose. Everything just looks so amazing that you want to eat everything. Luckily that won’t be a problem here since you can try everything they have to offer, no holds barred. Yes, that means even these lovely chocolate truffles can find their way to your plate, and you don’t even have to think twice about gobbling them down.

photo 5 (86)

In the background, you can see jars of cookies on offer as well, but I recommend their cakes instead, after all, it’s not everyday you see cakes lined out so prettily for you eh?


Some of their savoury offerings are canapes topped with all kinds of things, like sausages as seen below.

photo 5 (85)

Another perennial favorite is their mini Skinny Pizzas. Cute to look at, but sadly not as nice to eat since the crispy base became soggy after being left on display.


Here’s another shot of the Smoked Salmon Canape from earlier on, twas some good stuff.


I didn’t take a photo of every single plate of food, unlike the other girls there, all equipped with their humongous DSLRs (Notice the hint of jealousy here haha) who were busy snapping away. I needed my food, stat. So here are more photos of what they have to offer, from the close-up view of… my plate!

I don’t really like mixing sweet and savory, so the plate below are my savouries! All were delicious, especially the vietnamese springroll.

house13 house12

For my first round of sweets, I went on a chocolate spree.. mini chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate cake. They were good, but not jaw-droppingly amazing.


Just for the fun of it, I tried mixing a plate of both sweet and savory to balance things out. I still stand by having separate plates for sweet and savory food.


The marble cake in the foreground was worthy of a mention. It was rich and buttery like butter cake, with a nice hint of cocoa.


I liked this mini lemon butter cupcake! Tiny and delicious. house8

Pretty little jammie dodgers which were chewy and sweet. Not sure if these are the best, since it was my first time eating a jammie dodger. I had my jammie dodger with a side of a pistachio cream trifle.


Now, back to a few savouries to balance it all off. Don’t mind my alternations between sweet and savory, that’s my secret method to eating more at a buffet, so I don’t get sick of a particular taste.

I topped the freshly sliced bread with some bolognese sauce. Simple homely fare. Mmmm. Sprinkle on more parmesan on top, and it’s like a cute lasagna/pasta canape.


Their truffled mushrooms were scrumptious, but were a tad salty.house5

Ah yes, you were expecting it this time, I’m shamelessly back to the sweet delights! This pistachio cake was average, not very memorable to be honest, so go ahead and give it a miss.


If something’s good, I’ll have it again. So guess which little bugger made a reappearance?


Here stands their Squid Ink Skinny Pizza. The squid was nicely roasted, not too chewy/rubbery. The base was disappointing though, since it was soggy, and tasteless. I had high hopes for such an interesting dish!

photo 5 (84)

Another skinny pizza I tried fared a wee bit better, with a slight crunch in the base, and the sharp salty kick from the cheese.


Remember the vietnamese spring rolls I mentioned earlier? Well, I had to go back for seconds and thirds… till they stopped replenishing it. The freshness of the crunchy vegetables went perfectly with the sour and spicy Thai Chilli dipping sauce. By far my favorite dish of the lot.

photo 5 (83)

The whole package was completed with the view of the lush greenery surrounding the restaurant. You don’t feel like you’re in a busy city at all!


Even their toilets were well planned out, with vintage hairdresser chairs on display.

photo 4 (100)

What’s more? Their Vintage High Tea Buffet is extremely affordable at just $30++ on every Tuesday and Friday from 3-530pm. They change their menu and decoration every time though, so what you see here may not be what you get on the actual day you visit. Do call in advance to book though, since they are in perpetual demand.

photo 5 (82)

A much younger photo of me. Good food = Happy Girl 😀

Rating: 7.5/10


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