The Living Cafe: RAW-some dessert

The Living Cafe: RAW-some dessert

I’ve passed this simple, sleek cafe nestled in the corner of 5th/6th avenue countless times, but never stopped by to try it. On the last day of my A levels, I headed down with my classmate to celebrate! After much deliberation, we finally settle on a Raw Lemon Tart and a Raw Chocolate Tart.

Raw Lemon Tart ($8.50)


The lemon tart was actually pretty yummy. The tart base was rather chewy, possibly due to the use of dates. There was coconut, pistachios and cranberries added to it as well, all of which added a nice variety of textures. Not much crunch, but a whole lot of chewiness. The lemon curd itself was smooth and tart.

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They sprinkled the top of the tart with more cranberries and pistachios too, probably just to add colour since the pistachios were rather soggy, and the cranberries became hard after being exposed for too long. All in all, this was not bad for a raw dessert!

Raw Chocolate Tart ($8.50)


This didn’t fare very well, compared to the Raw Lemon Tart. The base was very crumbly, and could barely hold itself together…it resembled sawdust! I think it was made of shredded coconut. As for the filling, it was very rich, and intense. However, it was let down by the grittiness and overpowering sweetness which made us sick of it after a few bites. Skip this dessert, and go for the Lemon Tart instead.



I must have had rather high expectations of this eatery, since I felt rather let down by the tarts that I tried. I always imagined it to be really yummy, given the rave reviews by the healthy foodies around. Maybe their tastebuds have been accustomed to the sweetness of stevia or the usage of dates, coconut and cacao in their desserts.

Nonetheless, it was interesting trying out raw desserts, although they are rather pricey. I reckon you pay for the extra time and effort that goes into making and purchasing quality ingredients for these raw desserts. I’m not a raw food convert though… and I wouldn’t be back again for their tarts. With their lovely clean eatery, chill ambience and helpful staff, I’ll probably return to try their savouries. These raw treats aren’t the same as indulging in a proper slice of cake. Yes, that means eggs, sugar, butter, flour… the works. If you’re going to indulge, might as well go all out and satisfy your craving eh?

Rating: 6/10

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