Llaollao Yogurt: What the Froyo?

Llaollao Yogurt: What the Froyo?

Have you seen the white towers of froyo crowning the clear plastic cups filled to the brim with fruits and crunchy toppings all over instagram lately? The seductively dripped sauces makes the yogurt parfait look even more attractive, don’t you think?


Llaollao seems to be a healthier choice to say, ice cream, since it’s frozen yogurt after all. I mean, look at the first lady in queue, she’s holding a yoga mat!


I went for the Sanum, which is the go-to choice for many people. It’s a yogurt parfait made with froyo, a generous amount of fruits, some crunchy toppings of your choice, finished off with a generous serving of sauce of your choice.

You have many sauces to choose from, as you can see above, from chocolate sauce for the chocoholics, to strawberry or peach sauce for the frutti-tutti lovers.

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This photo doesn’t serve to excite any gastronomical senses, unfortunately. When I arrived, the queue was so long, the poor server didn’t even have time to cut up a bunch of fruits to replenish the display. She would cut the fruits for each order since she didn’t have time to leave the counter. They were out of kiwi too.

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For the Sanum, you get a choice of 2 crunchy toppings, one added at the base and one added over the fruits.


I like the sleek and clean workplace of llaollao, it’s very simplistic and yet welcoming at the same time with the bright green chairs, and words standing out against a white background.


I went for a Sanum with Muesli and Dessicated Coconut as my crunchy toppings, and watermelon with a double serving of strawberries for my fruits. My sauce was raffaelo which was amazing. It was sweet, and had some crunch to it. It tasted like melted white chocolate with chunks of crushed cookies. It was delicious.

I probably wouldn’t choose watermelon again since the melon juice diluted the yogurt nearer the end of the parfait. The sanum looks really huge, but most of the space in the cup is taken up by the fruits. That being said, the serving of frozen yogurt is really generous.


The yogurt was harder than Yoguru’s , and less creamy in my opinion. While many have raved about the froyo at Llaollao, I still prefer the froyo from Yoguru. At llaollao, the yogurt serves as a base rather than as the main attraction, so it is more plain-tasting. What makes the Sanum so remarkable is the combination of the flavours and textures of the fruits, toppings and sauces. The crunch from the toppings, natural sweetness from the fruits, and the richness of the sauce paired with the simplicity of the frozen yogurt — delicious. But take them apart, and scrutinize the yogurt on its on, you’ll realise the frozen yogurt isn’t as amazing on it’s own.

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Look at the crazy queue behind me! A whole row of people waiting (impatiently) for their llaollao fix. Would I be back? Maybe. It was good to give llaollao a shot, and see what the hype is about, but I wasn’t blown away. I think most of the people are impressed by the sheer size of the Sanum, which is reasonably priced at $5.90, but otherwise, tastewise and texture-wise, I wasn’t wow-ed. It’s worth a try, once…maybe twice, but I don’t see myself as a regular here.

Rating: 7/10

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