FoodPanda: Your one stop delivery portal

FoodPanda: Your one stop delivery portal

FoodPanda is an online portal which allows you to order home delivery from various locations around Singapore. In fact, FoodPanda offers this service on a global scale, catering to countries in Asia and Europe.

Did you see your country there? I think it’s impressive that this delivery service extends to so many countries. Talk about spreading the love through food!

Their website is easy to navigate and the steps are very clear. Even creating an account only requires one page of your basic information (email, address, phone number) unlike other websites which want to know about the name of your first pet and all that nonsense.


FoodPanda provides this service for quite a large range of restaurants in Singapore as you can see below. For my order, I decided to pick Nihon Mura since I’m quite a fan of their Japanese food.


After you choose the eatery you like, you can even read past reviews from others (no pictures unfortunately), you can select your order via the online menu.

You will see this for your order:

Simply follow the steps, and proceed to choose your payment option. I chose to do the online payment via VISA.

Most of their eateries deliver in 1 hour and 30 minutes, but according to reviews, the food tends to arrive around 30 minutes earlier.

I liked how they listed the approximate time your food will arrive.


On your final page, they will list your details and order confirmation as shown the page below. I cut off the bottom part of the page, which will show your personal details.foodpanda4

I was promptly emailed, just like they said they would:


And I received my confirmation SMS as quickly as well. Definitely impressive in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Brownie points for FoodPanda!

photo (6)

Food ordered @ 6:43pm
Food arrived @ 8:23pm

The food arrived 10 minutes late. But since my order was made during peak hour, I would say that they were still on time, since they said that we should give them up to 2 hours during peak hours.


The cutlery came neatly packaged, I liked how they were packed individually for hygiene purposes. The cutlery was of decent quality too! The set came with a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi, and strangely two cans of pepsi as well.


The food came looking like this. The cold and hot items were separated which was a good move on their part. The sauce for the soba also came in a separate bag, so that any spillage wouldn’t affect the rest of the containers.


The whole set looked pretty impressive! 3 platters, and 6 mini dons/noodles clearly laid out for you to see.

Here, the responsibility no longer lies in the hands of FoodPanda, but rather Nihon Mura.

I ordered the Package Meal for 4Pax which allows me to choose 3 platters and 6 mini dons/noodles. The package even comes with a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi.

The platters have 4 main options: sushi platter/fried platter/salad platter/grilled platter. Each platter has 3 variations for you to choose from. I chose Sushi Platter A (18 pieces), Sushi Platter C (18 pieces) and Fried Platter A.


Here are the 3 platters. One sushi platter with inari sushi, california maki, tamagoyaki sushi, salmon mayo sushi and salmon sashimi sushi. The second platter was only salmon sashimi sushi. And the final platter was a fried items platter.

photo 4 (92)

Fried Platter A
The fried item platter came with Pork Katsu, Potato Croquette, Tori Karaage and Fried Vegetable strips. Although it was only warm when it arrived, and the fried items were no longer crispy, it was the best they could do, since fried food is best consumed fresh. I particularly enjoyed their potato croquette.

photo 5 (74)

Sushi Platter A
As you can tell, we love our salmon sashimi. 18 pieces! The salmon sushi wasn’t cold, but it was still relatively cool. The sashimi was on the verge of being mushy, but it still tasted fresh to me.


Sushi Platter C
Their inari sushi was the usual, since you can’t really change the quality of the beancurd skin. The tamagoyaki sushi was pretty strange, since the tamagoyaki wasn’t the traditional kind. I think they cheated, and cooked a single flat layer of egg, before spreading some sweet-ish sauce to stick the egg together as they rolled it up, swiss roll style. The salmon mayo sushi was not bad, as was the california maki. Nothing spectacular, just your usual sushi fare. Good enough for home delivery though!

photo 5 (73)

The six mini dons/noodles stacked proud and high. The mini dons/noodles have quite a few options, from Cha Soba and Udon to Teriyaki Chicken/Salmon Dons. I ordered 3 Cha Soba, 2 Salmon Sakura Ebi and 1 Chicken Teriyaki.


The dipping sauce for the Cha Soba came in separate containers, which were firmly taped down to prevent any sauce from spilling.chasoba

The Cha Soba came with a few slices of tamagoyaki and a few pieces of crabstick. The soba noodles were sticky and formed a whole clump. But once you untangle the noodles and dip it into the sauce, the taste and texture is there. Of course, you can’t beat eating it at a restaurant.

photo 4 (91)

The Teriyaki Chicken Don was the only hot dish. The rice and chicken was still warm. It was pretty decent!


The Salmon Sakura Ebi Don was a cold dish since sashimi has to be kept cold. It was my first time trying sakura ebi, and it was really nice. I liked it mixed into the rice. The sashimi is just the same as that on the sushi.


Overall, I was impressed with the ease of ordering and efficiency in delivery by FoodPanda. This is a great way for delivering food to parties, or even catering lunch to work! Unfortunately, not all eateries have free delivery, Nihon Mura charges $3.50 for delivery for example, so perhaps FoodPanda should work on that to ensure a fairer system.

FoodPanda: 8.5/10
Nihon Mura Food: 7.5/10

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