Picky about your food?

Picky about your food?

Instead of doing a food review today, I’ll be doing an app review! Don’t worry, it’s still related to food… It’s a food app!
Picky is a local startup (local being Singapore) built by the same people behind Popcorn, one of Singapore’s top apps with more than 700,000 downloads on iOS and Android. Picky is a beautiful new app that helps diners decide on where to go for lunch, dinner or any other occasion based on taste and modd. Since their launch in late January, Picky has been featured by Apple on the App Store and is also listed in the Top 10 in the Food&Drink category on iTunes.

Previously, the marketing team from Picky asked me for my feedback on their app, so I suggested a section that would feature good hawker food at various hawker centres, since most reviews are done for cafes rather than hawker food.

Well… I’m glad to say they have added a new feature to their app: Famous Eats!

Famous Eats features the yummy local food in Singapore by sorting them according to the dish, which would be really convenient if you’re craving something specific. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to satisfy your craving with good food, rather than settling for sub-par options that you stumble upon.photo 1 (14)

First off, I must say, I like the user friendly interface. Even for a tech noob like me, the app is easy to use, allowing it to serve its purpose for hungry app users like us who want to know where the good food is… stat.

Picky offers a comprehensive list of local food for you to choose from, as you can see from the screenshots I took below.

photo 2 (14)photo 3 (11)
photo 4 (10)

All you have to do is select the food of your choice by tapping on its name.

Just to show you all, I selected Popiah as an example. You will then be brought to the page below, which shows the various good popiah eateries around, as marked with stars.

photo 5 (7)

Simply tap on one of the stars to get the name of the restaurant (below)

photo 1 (13)

If you click on the name of the restaurant, you’ll be brought to another page, with more details about the restaurant, including the rating, address, opening hours, pictures and reviews of the food served at the restaurant.

photo 2 (13)photo 3 (10)photo 4 (9)

There are some in-app advertisements at the bottom of the screen, but they aren’t too disruptive, so I have no complaints. After all, Picky is a free app!

All in all, I find Picky a useful app for finding good food in Singapore, especially since they split the food directory into various categories such as New&Notable, Quick&Casual, Light&Healthy, Cheap Eats, Fancy Schmancy and even delivery options! There’s something for everyone. One thing that would make this app even better would be add a category on the various cuisines, especially Halal Food, so that it would be much easier to dine out with our Malay friends without having to stick to the usual halal eateries like McDonald’s and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

One more thing, I think it would be pretty awesome if they added a feature that showed all the good food according to hawker centres, so that we would know which stall to get our tasty grub from. Otherwise, I suppose we could always fall back to the Singapore way of joining any long queue that we see!

Just type in a quick search in the App store, and download Picky today! Let me know how you find it 🙂


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