Barcook Bakery: Lowering the Bar

Barcook Bakery: Lowering the Bar

Remember those days when there were perpetually long queues outside Barcook Bakery? People lined up waiting for piping hot cream cheese buns to come out of the oven, most of them buying the the cream cheese buns by tens.

With more and more outlets sprouting up around Singapore, the queues have thankfully shortened, but has the quality dropped?

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I was lucky to walk past when a fresh tray of Raisin Cream Cheese Buns were taken out of the oven. Look at them, all fluffed up beautifully.

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Just a snapshot of one of the other buns they sold, the Polo Charsiew Bun!

I’ve tried Barcook Bakery before, but only after it deflated and was at room temperature. The cream cheese filling was light and fluffy, so you won’t feel heavy after eating a bun. Even if you aren’t a fan of cheese, Barcook Bakery may make you a convert. In fact, my father, who hates cheese, is a self-professed lover of Barcook’s Cream Cheese buns!

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This round, I got to sample the bun when it was fresh out of the oven. Trying the bun when its piping hot is a completely different experience! The bun is much fluffier (Don’t spend too long taking photos though, or your bun will deflate over time) and the cream cheese filling oozes much more.

I was disappointed to find that the amount of cream cheese filling has been reduced.

Or at least it seems less than this photo from this review
Just look at that bread still thick and fluffy, with the generous amount of cream cheese inside!

Compared to the piece I got… its fair to say, the standards have fallen over the years.

photo 3 (89)

Personally, I like my breads with more filling, and preferably the kind that I can take my time to enjoy, rather than worrying about how fast it is going to deflate.

I would definitely prefer less eye-catching dense breads with substance rather than air-filled breads that look big, but are actually just filled with hot air.

The hype about Barcook Bakery seems to be dying down, I’ve seen several outlets without any queues. That means the turnover rate is much lower  🙁 So long to freshly baked bread piping hot out of the oven.

Rating: 6/10

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