Real Food: The name speaks for itself.

Real Food: The name speaks for itself.

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I finally got a chance to try Real Food today, during a meet up with my fellow instagrammers and bloggers, Sophia and Serene for lunch at the Killiney outlet.

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Ladies who lunch πŸ™‚

I thought the meetup may be awkward, since I’ve never met strangers before, and this girl is one awkward butterfly. But luckily we warmed up to each other pretty fast! Yay for fellow foodies who don’t judge when I take food photos. Its so rare to find fellow teenagers in Singapore who are into a healthy lifestyle in the long run, not those silly fad diets. Their commitment to healthy living and veganism (serene) is commendable! I feel so motivated to put in more time and effort in making my own meals look presentable enough to be shared on Instagram. I mean, Sophia is only 14 but she’s already a kitchen whiz, and Serene is amazing with her dedication to Veganism, and she’s even trying out raw food. It takes a lot of time and planning to create their masterpieces. Do check out their blogs!

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With 5 outlets around Singapore, Real Food has been making a name for itself as a healthy eatery. They offer a wide variety of food, with many vegan-friendly options as well. Although its a vegetarian eatery, the food still tastes good, so you won’t even miss the meat!

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I tried theΒ Dumpling Soup ($7.00), and added Brown Rice Vermicelli ($1.50)Β 

Everyone raves about their dumplings, which are made with more than 10 ingredients, and are vegan! I was skeptical at first, since most veggie dumplings I’ve eaten don’t taste very good. After all, the main component of dumplings is the meat filling, no?

Well, I was impressed with Real Food’s take on Vegan Dumplings. These were so tasty, it would easily please the palate of meat-eaters. The medley of ingredients provided a nice combination of flavours and textures, similar to that of meat. The mushrooms, in particular, added to the meaty taste and texture.

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As for the broth, it was very flavorful as well, even though meat wasn’t used to boil the stock. I liked how they cut the carrots nicely… it shows that they bother about presentation. It’s always a plus when food looks good and tastes good. The bok choy was normal, you can’t exactly cook bok choy spectacularly anyway.

The brown rice vermicelli was nicely cooked. Not too wiry unlike some bee hoon. It tasted the same as normal vermicelli to me, so it was a good way to get some whole grains into my meal. They were extremely generous with the noodles though, I couldn’t finish it.

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On a side note, before I end off this short post, I don’t post edited photos on my blog, since it gives you readers a false idea of what to expect form the food. I try to capture the food as it is served, so you will know what to expect when you’re there. Rather than make the food look extremely picturesque, only for you to be disappointed in reality. I’m not being lazy, I would rather provide an honest review, then post beautiful photos. Editing photos does make a huge difference! (Compare the two photos of the same bowl above)

In closing, I will be back to Real Food, to try their other healthy items, and perhaps their breakfast menu as well. A suggestion to the frugal foodies, you don’t have to buy their alkaline water ($0.50 a glass), because it tastes just like normal water. For those with lots of moolah, you could try a drink, or order a side dish instead if you really wanted to spend some money πŸ˜›

Rating: 7/10 (+1 for health factor)

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