Lynn’s Cakes and Coffee: A pleasant surprise

Lynn’s Cakes and Coffee: A pleasant surprise

I was wandering along Eng Kong Terrace the other day, I stumbled upon this hidden gem!

You often don’t expect to find such a quaint cafe selling cakes and such amidst the rundown shophouses. This cafe-cum-bakery has only been open for a month! I really liked its brilliant white decor which certainly makes it stand out from the dull green/blue/black walls of its adjacent neighbors.

As I was walking past, the rows of beautifully displayed cakes caught my eye:photo 1 (98)

How can I say no to that? They were calling out my name. I just had to go in.

photo 2 (96)

The rainbow cake wasn’t ready when I went down that day, but there was Red Velvet, Choco Heaven, and Carrot Cake in the glass display… as well as a Hazelnut Meringue, Victoria Sponge and Brownies in the top display.

photo 3 (87)

They sell savouries too! But I was there for the tea, so I haven’t gotten the chance to try them. I’ll be back to see if they are any good, so do stay tuned for an update.

photo 4 (71)

I love how the cafe is has minimalist decor, yet its simplistic design creates a very chic vibe. The atmosphere is chill, and the dining area is clean, and comfortable. The perfect place to chill over a cuppa and read a book, or just people watch.

We ordered the Carrot Cake and Choco Heaven (Chocolate Cake obviously) to try. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself, when I saw the size of the slices of cake. They were generous slabs of cake, standing tall on those sleek white plates. A feast for the eyes.

photo 5 (59)

Just to build the suspense a little, let me sidetrack to the Root Beer we ordered.

photo 2 (95)

It was served in an old school glass bottle, which you rarely find nowadays. A nice change from the usual canned drinks. I think it added to the vibe of the cafe. Since the cafe is located rather far in, the cafe takes you away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, and acts a the perfect hideaway for one to relax, and while the day away. Add in the bottled root beer, and you’re transported back to the olden days, complete with the view of worn down buildings and the abundance of lush greenery.

photo 3 (86)

Bundarberg Root Beer anyone?

While getting to Lynn’s may not be a piece of cake, their cakes sure do make up for it.

Choco Heaven ($5.50)

photo 1 (97)

This colossal beauty stands tall, almost twice the height of your normal cake. Yet, it is fluffy and moist, and not overly sweet. The chocolate ganache reminds me of the Secret Recipe chocolate cake, while the cake itself is similar to that of Lana’s Cakes. Definitely a winner, especially for chocolate lovers. You may want to share this slice though, since it really is quite big.

photo 4 (70)

Each fluffy layer of chocolate cake is sandwiched with a thin layer of chocolate ganache which keeps the cake moist, and creates the perfect proportion of cake and ganache in every mouthful.

If you’re having one of those days, by all means, order a slice for yourself and go for it. It’ll take all your troubles away.

Carrot Cake ($6.00):

photo 5 (58)

Carrot Cake is one of my favorite cakes, I like how Carrot Cakes have a variety of flavors and textures, which makes the cake so much more fun to eat, since every mouthful is a party in itself. The shreds of carrot, the smooth cream cheese, the crunchy walnuts and the sweet cinnamon, all meld together to create the perfect cake. None of the monotony of eating a singly-flavored cake.

Well that’s my point of view… to each his own.

Did their carrot cake meet my expectations?

photo 1 (96)

YES YES YES. This was one of the best carrot cakes I have eaten.. and that is saying something since I have tried quite a few carrot cakes. In fact, I would say it is as good as, if not better, than Cedele’s Carrot Cake.

Their carrot cake was so moist, and flavorful, I had to control myself from wolfing down the whole slice, before my foodie friend could try some. I particularly loved how the cream cheese was smoother than Cedele’s, and had a nice tang to it! Just going off on a tangent here… I wonder if a lemon curd drizzle would work well with the cream cheese icing. Mmmm, I should try that out at home.

I definitely recommend their Carrot Cake. 

photo 2 (94)

I’m not one to be easily impressed by cakes, but Lynn’s won me (many times) over. I’ll be back again to try their other cakes, which look equally yummy as well. Lynn’s may be new, but I’m sure they will do well, even though they may be located in a rather inaccessible place. (It happens to be a stone’s throw away from Necessary Provisions. Good for cafe hoppers, since you can kill two birds with one stone)

Its been a long time since I’ve been truly wow-ed by a cafe, given the crazy number of new cafes sprouting up every month. I must say, Lynn’s has made its mark on me.

11 Eng Kong Terrace,

Singapore 598983

Rating: 8/10


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