Freedom tastes so good.

Freedom tastes so good.


Guess what? A levels are over!! Woohooooooo. I am so happy! To celebrate, I threw away at least 2kg worth of assessment books. Well, that’s not exactly my idea of celebration, but I didn’t have any space on my shelves, so to the bin it was!

While I have enjoyed the past 5 hours of freedom, I’m actually quite bored now. Freedom may taste good, but there’s a limit to it. I’m the kind of person who needs my day to be filled with activities if not I’ll just rot. So I decided to write a post on all the food places that I want to try/food related things that I am planning to do so that I don’t waste my holidays away. Hopefully I’ll get to try as many of these eateries as possible during my break. I’ll be posting reviews as I go along, so feel free to join me in my food escapades.

I suppose this is more of a personal list for myself to keep track of places I want to visit and the food that I want to try… BUT it could be useful for you foodies who want to join in the hype and go cafe hopping.

If you’ve been planning to try any of these places as well, do give me a shout out! We could organize a foodie outing together 😀



Cafes to try:
W39 Bistrobar
This cafe looks so pretty, and the food seems rather affordable. I’m quite keen to go there for a lazy Sunday brunch.

La Ristrettos
This hidden gem in Novena Square seems like the perfect hideout for one to enjoy a slow meal, while reading a book or just chilling!

Real Food
I’ll be going here sometime in December, so stay tuned for a review! They sell healthy, wholesome and tasty food. Well, that’s what I’ve heard at least. I’ll let you guys know once I’ve tried it. Signatures are supposed to be their Vegetarian Dumplings.

Cups N Canvas
Well, to be honest, this is on my list because of their Sweet Potato Latte. I saw a photo of the lilac beauty, and it was love at first sight. Hoping their other items are good too!

Arkadas Cafe
I’m just going there for their fluffy pita bread and hummus. Any one knows of eateries in Singapore which serve up awesome hummus?

Riders Cafe
Their french toast looks divine! Plus, what could be better than watching horses gallop by as you enjoy your breakfast/brunch in a chill atmosphere?

Nassim Hill Bakery and Bistro
Their Hot Reuben sandwich looks really good, and huge! Their egg white omelette and Egg Benedict looks rather promising as well.

Caffe Beviamo
I have a friend who’s a regular here and I’ve been meaning to check this place out. I’m planning to try one of their sandwiches. The only thing holding me back is that it costs $14.

The Rotiserrie
I just like the ambience here! I’ve walked past their Rochester outlet several times, but never stopped by to try. Their Roasted Chicken Leg and Paninis look like they have potential.

Buttercake N Cream
I can’t really remember why I noted them down, but I do know that they were an unexpected find when I was at Sunset Way some time back.

The Muffinry
Without a doubt, I’m all for their savoury muffin, “Green Eggs and Ham”. I mean, what can go wrong with anything related to Cat in the Hat right? 😛

O’Bean Soya Organic Store
Have you guys seen the size of their glutinous rice balls? The dish is called Black Marbles, and they look so amazing. I can just hear them calling out to me.

Pita Pan
Their Shakshouka and Hummus platter is definitely on my list of food to try

The Orange Thimble
This quaint cafe looks like a nice place to hangout… plus their cafe’s food looks decent as well.

Well, this isn’t a cafe as you might know, but its still going on my list cause it has all the amazing food in one place. Ooh yeah.

The Pantry at Loewen Road
I plan to try the Pantry and check out the farmers’ market as well! It looks more homely than Pasarbella so the experience will probably be different, even though they are both farmers’ markets.

So this isn’t a cafe either, but I’m dying to try their ice cream which always seems to be scooped perfectly and perched precariously on two crisp (looking) waffles.

Yet another ice cream place… but this is vegan! I’m eager to see if they can still make ice cream taste good even without dairy. Ooh, and I hear they have added new savoury items to their menu, hummus toasties anyone?

I’ve heard about their ginormous portions of sandwiches and salads. I think that speaks for itself 😛

Bakeries to try:

I’m not too sure about the name of this bakery, but I know its located in Chinatown, and that they sell yam buns. Well yam sounds good enough to me!

Barcook Bakery
Yeah, its been awhile since the hype, but I still want to try a freshly baked bun from them. I’ve tasted their famous Cream Cheese Bun, but it wasn’t hot… so I suppose that would be an entirely different experience.

Tiong Bahru Galicier Bakery
Their lemper ayam, ondeh ondeh and kueh dardar look really good.

Tong Heng
Need I say more? Of course I have to try their famous egg tart!


I feel hungry thinking of all these places to try! I’m going to have to eat quite a few skinny people if I want to make up for it. Haha. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to roam around and spend my holidays chilling at various cafes, signing up for random activities and meeting up with (old and new) friends. Hope this post gave you some good ideas for your next food outing 🙂

Freedom is strangely exhausting. I think I’m going to crash and make up for all the lost sleep this whole year. Good night, and keep your eyes peeled for loads of reviews which I have been piling up over the course of the year!

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