Greenzilla: Vegetarian with a vengeance

Greenzilla: Vegetarian with a vengeance

I’m a little crazy to be doing a food review now… especially since my A levels start tomorrow. Ah well, I suppose you are supposed to be prepared at this point, so doing a blog post wouldn’t hurt 😛

Today’s post is about Greenzilla, a newly opened vegetarian eatery at Starvista. Well, its not exactly an eatery, more like a takeaway stand since there are only about 4-5 counter seats at the side.

The kitchen is an open kitchen, so you”ll be seated facing the “chef” who is assembling your food. I didn’t really like the idea of that, so I decided to take away instead.

photo 1 (85)

I love how they pack the takeaways into this compact (not so little) paper box. I ordered the minizilla set, which comes with the Royal Mushroom, Tofu Fusion and Herbshrooms burger. It cost $6.90 with a side of coleslaw. Very worth it if you ask me!

photo 3 (72)

A more eco-friendly method would be to make these paper boxes with handles, so that they don’t have to put the paper box into a plastic bag, which would defeat the purpose of these eco-friendly boxes! Maybe Greenzilla should do a promotion where you get some kind of reward when you return these reusable boxes (in good condition of course) or if you bring your own! So it’ll be killing to birds with one stone — healthy eating and eco-friendliness!

Yessiree, on to the food.
Just a note, the burgers are topped with lettuce, tomatoes and alfafa. Each burger comes with a different bun, patty and sauce.

Royal Mushroom on Green Pea Bun

photo 2 (81)

I really liked this one! The bread was chewy and the mushroom patty had a really strong mushroom flavour. In fact, the patty was very chewy as well.

photo 3 (73)

The sauce was nice, although there was a bit too much. I was impressed by how good this tasted, especially since its vegetarian.

Side of Coleslaw

photo 4 (62)

The side of coleslaw is pretty small, about 3-4 tablespoonfuls maximum. Nonetheless, it was good! I liked how it was tangy, and the mayo wasn’t overwhelming. The vegetables used were fresh too, unlike the tiny chopped up bits of who knows what we often see in commercially prepared coleslaw.

Tofu Fusion on Charcoal Bun

photo 5 (49)

Ah yes, now you can see the overload of sauce dripping all over the wrapper. Each bun comes with a different sauce, so the one you see here is the BBQ sauce. One thing I forgot to mention is that the buns at Greenzilla are made from scratch so kudos to that!

photo 1 (84)

I didn’t fancy the Tofu Fusion burger… perhaps it was rather unimpressive sandwiching a piece of taukwa between two buns, or perhaps the sauce overload put me off, but this wasn’t anything memorable to say the least.

Herbshrooms on Herb Bun
photo 5 (48)
I loved this too! The patty was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it was ohsoflavorful. The bun was really chewy too, albeit too chewy this time. I think the bun hardens as you leave it since this was the last burger I ate out of the three.

photo 4 (61)The burger is topped with chia seeds, which didn’t really do anything for the bun, apart from making it look like a burger bun (like how they add sesame seeds on the burger bun). The chia seeds kept falling off though, making this one messy, but delicious, burger to eat.

photo 2 (80)The food was good, but I have a major complaint about their service.

The service was utterly disgraceful. When I placed my order, the guy at the counter just heaved a huge sigh, and walked off, muttering my order to his co-worker to put my burgers together. While he was walking off, he dropped one of the bell peppers on the floor, and he simply picked it up and put it with the other bell peppers. Thankfully, none of those went into my burger. Also, with the open kitchen concept, hygiene is definitely an issue since Starvista is quite open (to the road) as well. As the worker was putting my burgers together, he got distracted by some customers walking out from Manhattan Fish Market, and continued to take his own sweet time to put together my order. This was the worst, and slowest service I have ever experienced.

I stumbled upon this photo online… the guy who sighed is the third from the left. He doesn’t look that enthusiastic here either. Word to the bosses, staff training may be needed!

(On my second encounter with Greenzilla, I had brilliant service from the guy on the far left, so thank you very much for that. I could sense your passion and enthusiasm for Greenzilla!)

GREENZILLA ROUND 2: (haha, this makes it sound like a wrestling match)

I went back to Greenzilla again recently, just to see if it was any different eating it while it was freshly made. It does make a difference. 

I customized my Minizilla order this round, to two Herbshrooms and one Royal Mushroom.

Service was better this time, however, it was just as slow. I’m willing to wait for good food though, so no complaints there since the staff was more polite.

photo 1 (86)

I brought my burgers to the food court this round.

photo 3 (74)

The burgers tasted so different when they are freshly made! They were so more-ish,and not at all chewy. (I quite liked it when it was chewy haha). The buns were fluffy, and the patty was firm yet soft inside.

I’m quite confused about what I like though, the patty I got this round, in the the Green Pea bun, was the patty I got in the Herb bun. So I’m not sure if I like the Royal Mushroom or the Herbshrooms… but both are good!

photo 2 (82)

There was way too much sauce on my burgers again, which overpowered the flavorful patties and made me fell sick of it after a while. I think I’ll try my burgers without sauce next time!

All in all, Greenzilla is a great addition to the healthy eating community. It really impressed me with its flavorful mushroom patties which would be a delectable substitute for meat. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Just a word to the wise, tell them to go easy on the sauce so that you can really taste the goodness in the patty. Service needs to be improved though (*cough cough especially third from the left in the picture above cough cough*) in terms of speed and quality.

Rating: 7/10

************************************UPDATE 13 DEC****************************************

photo (56)

I decided to try their Spices Underground burger, one of their normal-sized burgers, rather than their mini set this time. This burger is served on a wholemeal bun, which seems rather dull when compared to the other buns (green pea, charcoal…) But, it was still yummy! The freshly made bread was fluffy and soft. Definitely much better than the tasteless buns you get at fast food restaurants. In fact, I think my favorite part of Greenzilla’s burgers are the bun. Combine their buns with Veganburg‘s patties, and you have a winning combination.


I was disappointed to find out that the patty was deep fried though. That completely takes away the health factor. It would be better if they baked the patties in the oven, since it would retain the crispiness, without compromising on health. Honestly, deep fried vegetarian patties are probably unhealthier than a grilled chicken patty!

photo 2 (99)

Apart from that, the burger was pretty flavorful, and came with a generous amount of cucumber, lettuce, alfafa and tomatoes. Worth a try, if you don’t mind the fried patty. I quite liked the texture of all the mashed up vegetable roots.

I must say that they have been taking feedback rather well, since the amount of coleslaw given has increased significantly. Thank you, Greenzilla 🙂


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