CRAFT Bakery and Cafe: Crafting memories.

CRAFT Bakery and Cafe: Crafting memories.

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The first thing you will notice when you step into the cafe is the laid back yet chirpy vibe. The quaint decor makes this little cafe all the more inviting. Especially with the rows of cakes, pies, waffles and picture worthy nosh all decked out in the glass display.

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They even have a self-service counter loaded with sauces, and water. They were smart to put the cutlery and napkins in rustic buckets on the tables though, it definitely saves us some of the hassle, especially when you are ravenous. The cute plastic cutlery from Ikea is available for children who like to go cafe hopping with their mommies.

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This will just be a really short post, because I’m really exhausted, but I had to share this cafe with you guys. Located in the heart of Holland Village, across the road from Haagen Daaz, this small cafe is easy to miss. But now that you have read this post, you won’t miss out a chance to dine on some quality cafe fare.

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Pesto Chicken Sandwich

I went for the pesto chicken sandwich since I saw someone else’s photo on Instagram, which looked really delicious. I’m glad to say I was not disappointed! The description in the menu was that this sandwich was a panini, so I was expected a hard/crispy bun. To my surprise, the bread was so soft and fluffy. In fact, I think they steamed it. Whatever it was, I really liked it. The filling was generous and the pesto was flavorful. No complaints about this simple sandwich… apart from the fact that it cost me $12.50.

Another thing that I liked was how healthy the sandwich was. It was light, not the slightest bit oily, yet satisfying at the same time. A worthy contender to Cedele.

photo 4 (60)Just a quick side note, while I was chilling in the cafe, having a heart-to-heart talk with my friend, it suddenly dawned on me how little I knew about some of my friends. Its scary to think about how my years as a student are coming to an end.  It has made me realise that some friendships were more important to me than I thought. I’m looking forward to more occasions spent with friends simply studying together, or having a meal together at adorable cafes like Craft Bakery & Cafe.

If you have a sweet tooth, Craft Bakery & Cafe, which was opened by the creators of Original Sin, offers their famous lava cakes at a rather hefty price of $9.50. I have yet to try them, but loads of people have given positive reviews, so you could give it a shot! They also offer pastas, and even wacky dishes like a waffle sandwich! I’m definitely coming back to try some of their other dishes, after I save up a little of course.

Rating: 7/10 (+1 for ambience)


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