Sophie Bakery @ Novena Square: Oui or Non?

Sophie Bakery @ Novena Square: Oui or Non?

I’m feeling excited today. All my sideline exams/tests/competitions are over! Now I can finally focus on my academics, just 4 months until the exams that truly matter… the A levels. :O

But we’re not here to talk about me. We’re here to visit the streets of Paris… the quaint sidewalk cafes, the beautiful bakeries with the tantalizing smells of freshly baked goods tempting you to have a croissant, maybe twoand perhaps a tarte au citron?

Imagine strolling along Novena Square, and all of a sudden, BAM, you’re transported to Paris. Ah, the country of love. You can just hear all the croissants and tarts calling out your name as you stroll along River Seine. But you keep moving, you know there’s the perfect partner just down the road. Just then you see it. The dark green exterior with its gold lining catching your eye as you round the corner… You’ve found her. You enter Sophie Bakery, your heart pounding as you catch sight of her, where she always is, in clear view, just behind the clear glass panel. You take a deep breath in as you finally hold her close, smelling her sweet sweet scent, and you slowly bring your lips close…

and take a big bite.

Say what???

Haha, I ruined a perfectly good love story. But fret not, this beautiful damsel does exist… just that she comes in the form of a ginormous chocolate eclair. Hmm, maybe this ending isn’t ruined after all.

I know I usually save the best for last, but today, I’m going to jump right in!

photo 5 (31)

Chocolate Eclair ($3)

Look at the luscious chocolate cream filling, encased in the crisp pastry, and topped with more chocolate. Ahh, for me to like this is saying something, since I’m not a fan of chocolate. Sophie Bakery’s chocolate eclair is good for two to share, seeing as it is about the size of a banana. Unless you are having a bad day, then by all means, dig in, you need it.

photo 4 (41)

The pastry shell remained crisp, unlike most eclairs which get soggy and have a stale taste after some time. I really liked the smooth chocolate cream filling, although it hovered on the verge of being too sweet. Maison Kayser still does better chocolate eclairs to me, since the taste of chocolate is more intense.But Sophie Bakery has done an extremely good job, nonetheless. I could really taste the quality of the ingredients. I’d recommend this for you to try!

photo 1 (55)

Chocolate Croissant ($2.50)

This was not bad as well. They were rather generous with the chocolate filling and the croissant was of high quality as well. Of course, decadence comes at a price, since the brown paper bag had oil spots from the croissant.

photo 2 (55)

Croissant ($2)
Likewise, apart from the oil stains on the paper bag, this croissant was definitely above average, comparable to its competitors like Maison Kayser and Tiong Bahru Bakery. Well, as my foodie in crime would put it, the croissant definitely”tasted French”.  Authenticity at its best perhaps?

photo 3 (50)

Ah, what an apt description. I just noticed that they called themselves an authentic French bakery. Indeed! When I walked into the store, I was promptly greeted by the friendly service staff. They offer dine-in options too if you want to pretend you are in a Paris sidewalk bakery, sipping coffee and munching on a croissant. I liked how the bakery had a very homely feel, with the mountains of freshly baked croissants, breads, muffins and cookies all decked out before you. Despite the wide array of choices, you don’t feel pressured to choose and just grab and go, the bakery makes you want to stay and enjoy the atmosphere as you pick out some nomworthy goods to savour. I noticed they sold giant cookies for just one dollar.. so I would definitely suggest you put down that commercially made Subway cookie, and grab one of these babies instead. Way bigger, cheaper, and probably has a shorter ingredient list.

Affordable prices with quaint decor and a cosy feel? Oui for me!

Rating: 7.3/10


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