Birthday Bash with Sun Moulin

Birthday Bash with Sun Moulin

Well, whaddya know? I completely lost track of time, but its already been a year since I moved this blog on to WordPress! I guess that calls for a celebration 😀

Now, what better way to celebrate than with cake?

Here’s what we’ll be enjoying today, Sun Moulin’s much raved about Strawberry Shortcake. This light, fluffy cake was both a treat to the eyes and my tummy. 

*drumroll please*


Look at that beauty. Fluffy white cream sandwiched between layers of light sponge, topped with robust and ohsosweet strawberries, finished off with sliced almonds as decoration. Ahh.. perfection.

photo 2 (50)

It looks just like the plastic Japanese toy you always see in doll h0uses or those adorable mini cooking sets. In fact, the presentation is so spot on, it makes me feel as if I’m in Japan. The Japanese do take pride in their work!

photo 1 (52)photo 3 (47)

Of course I couldn’t resist bringing out a ginormous plate of fresh strawberries, as red and as juicy as the ones of the cake. The more the merrier right? The fresh strawberries are there for more than aesthetic reasons.. I just love eating strawberries when they are in season!

photo 2 (51)

Okay this is the last photo of the strawberries as the star of the picture, I promise! I know what you are thinking.. We want cake!! Well, hold your horses, I’m getting there.. Patience is a virtue.

photo 1 (53)photo 2 (53)

Pardon the messy cutting, the cake was so generously filled with the chantilly cream, it just coated pretty much everything nearby (aka the strawberries on top), leaving me with a slightly less picturesque slice of cake.

As you can see, the cake is mainly cream, held together by two thin slices of sponge. The sponge was airy and light, without being dry. While the cream was fluffy, and had a light sweetness to it. In fact, the cake didn’t leave me feeling bloated or heavy unlike most other cakes. Just like most Japanese desserts, this was a delightful sweet treat that I didn’t mind indulging in.

photo 2 (54)photo 3 (49)

Pardon me for this little commercial break, but just look at the beauty of those strawberries. Time for a little fun food fact! Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and Manganese, which means better eye health, stronger bones and a stronger immunity system. All the more reason to eat more of Sun Moulin’s Strawberry Shortcake 😛

photo 1 (54)

Just for the fun of it, I thought I would share some pictures of the birthday bash… So sit back, relax, and keep scrolling!

photo 4 (38)We started off by adding some strawberries… (above)

photo 2 (52)

Then some jackfruit looked pretty good too. For those of you who don’t know, jackfruit is a thai fruit, which can be eaten frozen, dried or canned. It feels a little rubbery, and has a fibrous texture when you bite into it. Its somewhat bittersweet.. I’m not sure how to describe it. But if you ever chance upon it, its definitely worth a try!

photo 4 (39)

We added some jellies bought from the Japanese supermarket, Meidi-ya, just to add more sweetness, you know, since fruits and cake aren’t sweet enough.

photo 5 (30)

There you have it! That’s what a birthday bash looks like in a food blogger’s house… food, food and more food.

Just a note, if you prefer more decadent cakes, like chocolate cakes, this wouldn’t appeal to you. Its suited to the people who like.. Angel food cake for example! I actually froze the last slice, to see if it would taste like ice cream.. and it was still as delicious. It didn’t taste like ice cream per se, more like frozen whipped cream. But topped with more strawberries, it was a yummy icy dessert nonetheless.

To end off, I’d like to say that Sun Moulin is one of my all-time favorite bakeries, and they have managed to uphoold a high standard of quality in most of their products, especially their cakes and puffs. Do give their other bakery breads a go if you are at Isetan Scotts 🙂

Sun Moulin [Singapore]

Shaw House
350 Orchard Road
Basement 1, Isetan Scotts
Singapore 238868
Tel: +65 6235 6093
Opening hours:
9:30am – 9:30pm (Daily)

Rating for the Strawberry Shortcake: 7.5/10

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