HEALTHY IN A HURRY: Apple pie yogurt

HEALTHY IN A HURRY: Apple pie yogurt

Healthy in a hurry marks a new series on Foogo!

I’ll be posting quick ideas/recipes for you to put together a healthy snack in a matter of minutes. If you’re like me and feel like you’re going to die of hunger when you are waiting for your food to cook, you’ll be grateful for this series 🙂 Easy, healthy and delicious, you don’t compromise on taste or nutrition!

Starting us off, we have Apple Pie Yogurt.

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I was inspired to make this the day after I fixed braces, cause it hurt to eat everything. Well, it barely requires any “making” per say, more of pouring stuff together. It comes together in less than a minute, depending on how fast you can move.

Apple Pie Yogurt:

1) Pour some plain yogurt into a small bowl, about 2/3 cup.

2) Add 1/2 cup applesauce.

3) Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon.

4) Stir it all together, and there you have it, delicious, healthy and braces-friendly apple pie (yogurt) for one!

Enjoy 🙂



  1. hey,thanks for dropping by my blog. i love yogurt as a light snack after dinner or during lunch, this is a great idea, looking forward to more 🙂

    • Hey adel! Thank you too for your kind words 🙂 Yup, loads more healthy recipes to come! Keep your eyes peeled for more of my “Healthy in a Hurry” series 😀

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