A thousand layers of happiness? Featuring First Love Patisserie’s Mille Crepe.

A thousand layers of happiness? Featuring First Love Patisserie’s Mille Crepe.

My apologies, its been ages since I last posted. But I have been so caught up with school and CCA, I simply could not find the time to write a review. (I had no trouble trying out new places of course, so my list of places to be reviewed is piling up!)

Fret not, you guys are in for a treat today! Today’s post is all about the trendy thousand layer Mille Crepe. Some call it the thousand layer cake, others call it a mille crepe.. I call it.. literally-layers-of-crepe-and-cream cake.


The crepe sure is a beauty, don’t you think? Its like an atas version of kueh lapis. I certainly respect the chefs cause it must be hard work having to prepare hundreds of cakes layer by layer daily.

Hopefully you are as intrigued by the many layers of crepe as I am, because I went crazy with food shots, so prepare yourselves for a visual feast.


The brochure, filled with hilarious spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. You ready to see more “devine” photos of this cake? 😛



I’m pleased to announce that First Love Patisserie’s Mille Crepe looks just like what is shown on the brochure/box, so thumbs up for no false advertising!


Look at the meticulously layered cake… visually stunning in every way.

Before I tried it, I always imagined the Mille Crepe to taste like a creamy, yet light cake. While I was a tad disappointed to realise that it was literally just layers of crepe and cream, the lightness of the cream definitely lived up to what I had fantasized it to be.


You can definitely taste the quality of the ingredients, and the fact that they use real vanilla beans in the cream helps to bring out the flavor even better. If you look very carefully at the photos, you can see specs of vanilla bean dotting the layers of cream. Image

This is the less photographed side of the Mille Crepe.. what can I say? I like to show both sides of the picture 🙂


The Mille Crepes are sold in slices, with each slice gingerly placed on a thin sheet of aluminium foil. You could order the whole cake, of course, but I think it would be hard to slice it as deftly as they do. With so many fragile layers of crepe, I recommend leaving the slicing to the professionals.


A close up of the back.


Side view. I still can’t get over how beautiful a Mille Crepe is. Food is an art, we really ought to put more effort into our food presentation.

photo 5 (15)

Here’s what one layer of crepe looks like. Thin, spongy and sweet, with a smooth layer of vanilla cream. Yum.

photo 3 (22)

Cross section of the cake. See the specks of vanilla bean?

On hindsight, the cream filling is reminiscent of Beard Papa’s cream puff. And the crepe layers are like softened pastry, so this could be aptly described as a deconstructed Beard Papa Cream Puff  reconstructed in a cake. Phew, try saying that 10 times!

photo 3 (21)

Personally, I like the cake frozen, cause it tastes more like an ice-cream cake (I adore ice cream cakes), and the firmness of the cake made it easier to eat. However, my foodie-in-crime preferred it cool, with its softer, melt in the mouth texture. Like everything in life, its based on personal preference, so there is no right or wrong way to eat the Mille Crepe.

Despite having been singing praises thus far, I must say that it is rather expensive at $6.50 a slice… but you should try it at least once. Just so you can level-up in the foodie world.

Oh, and one more thing, despite seeming like its from Japan (Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake).. First Love Patisserie is actually a Jakarta brand. They sell other flavours like Cookies and Cream, and Strawberries too. Do give them a shot, and let me know how you find it!

Location: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4, Orchard, 238801

Rating: 7/10


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