Fantastic French Toast @ Swensens

Fantastic French Toast @ Swensens

Who would have thought that Swensens would have such yummy french toast?

For those of you who don’t know, Swensens has started serving breakfast! (*cheering*) One more place for families to feast at affordable prices.

They serve the typical breakfast fare, essentially the same ingredients, but in different forms. There’s scrambled eggs, sunny side up, omelette… (eggs in various disguises) served with hashbrown, mushrooms, sausages, bread etc.

Breakfast menu
Breakfast menu


Here’s what I had:

Good morning Sunnies:

Good morning sunnies
Good morning sunnies

It was average, just tasted like your usual homecooked breakfast… in a nicer atmosphere. The ciabatta rolls were commendable though. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, they were delicious with sugar sprinkled over the (artery clogging pool of) melted butter. Good Morning Sunnies is your classic big breakfast, and a safe order for fussy kids.

But the star of the show that morning was the unassuming Classic French Toast with Honey Butter Cream.

Swensens French toast


Pillowy soft, eggy slices of thick japanese toast topped with sprinkles of powdered sugar. Now imagine each bite of fluffy bread, melting in your mouth with its eggy goodness. Hang on a moment, we musn’t forget the lovely honey butter cream. Imagine all that yumminess finished off with a sweet buttery note. Can you hear the angels singing yet?

Alright, I jest. (about the angels at least). But these were no doubt the best French Toasts I have ever eaten. There was something about them that made them stand out from the rest.. maybe it was the quality of the Japanese thick and fluffy bread, or the hint of vanilla or maybe even the slightly undercooked middles of the toast. Whatever it was, it worked.

You HAVE to try their french toast if you go down for breakfast at Swensens.

Gee, I guess swensens is good for everything that has the word “French” in it. First, their crinkle cut French Fries served in a cone with dips that made it so fun to eat (ahh, sweet childhood memories) and now their mouthwatering French Toast! I can’t wait for their next winner… maybe French Onion Soup? :>


Above average food, pocket friendly prices, numerous convenient outlets and that familiar cosy and homely atmosphere? Swensens is a great choice for group meals, especially breakfast, if you get my drift.

Rating: 7/10

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