Aiya..No more kaya @ Chin Mee Chin

Aiya..No more kaya @ Chin Mee Chin

The first thing that struck me was how small the coffeeshop was. So many people have eaten at Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, so naturally I assumed that Chin Mee Chin was at least twice its actual size. In fact, there are only 7 tables in the coffeshop, no wonder they are always crowded.

Side view of Chin Mee Chin

With a little colour from the vibrantly dressed passerbys πŸ˜›

Old school cupcakes on display

First up, I tried their adorable old school cupcakes which were on display.

Close up on the adorable cupcakes.

The cupcakes are basically fluffy butter cupcakes.. maybe with a teeny hint of coffee, topped with chocolate icing and a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands. I rarely see such simple cupcakes around nowadays, especially since most cupcakes are piled high with icing, and have more interesting flavours such as red velvet, or salted caramel. In fact, we almost never see cupcake bakeries selling something as simple as a butter cupcake anymore.



Look at this red velvet cupcake (not my photo) topped with icing…

Salted Caramel Cupcake (not my photo)

Check out that mound of icing! :O

In comparison to the no-frills butter cupcake:

Taste wise, this is nothing spectacular. What you see is what you get. Just like in the old days, you bake a butter cupcake, you get a butter cupcake, no surprises in a special icing or filling. I do think you should order it though, just for the sake of nostalgia, of having something simple to remind you of your childhood.

Now, on to the drinks..

Hot Milo

This was nice and thick. There’s nothing better than some rich Milo on a cold morning.


It’ll provide a nice slightly bitter contrast to the sweet cakes and kaya toast.


The kaya was incredible. Eggy, smooth and sweet. Delicious on the toasted round buns which were a nice change from the usual rectangles/squares of toast.

The bread was topped with generous slabs of butter, which melted nicely when you sandwiched two pieces of bread together like a hamburger.

Aiya, no more kaya. Hahaha, I feel like rhyming today.Β Anyway, just one teeny problem, a few slices of the toasts weren’t covered very well with kaya (as seen above), which really is a pity cause their kaya is delicious. Of course, you could always do what I did, and buy a tub of kaya to bring home… and of course sneak some out to slather on your toast.

But its not all smooth sailing for Chin Mee Chin, with their obvious lack of a system, it took us 3 or more reminders to get our eggs to our table.. and they only came after we were done with the toast. What’s more.. take a look at the eggs:

The eggs were nothing impressive. To be frank, they were bad. One egg was watery, and the other was overcooked.

Here, do have a closer look so you’ll believe me!

So much for food porn. :S My apologies. I had to give you an honest review about all aspects of Chin Mee Chin.

Don’t let the unsatisfactory eggs put you off though! The kaya toast is more than worth it to make the trip down to this crowded little old school coffee shop for a nice tummy warming breakfast.

There are even cosy corners for you to enjoy your toast and a hot cuppa..with an authentic mosaic from the sixties.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery is a nice no-frills old school eatery to bring back waves of nostalgia with fuss-free homemade goodies, and authentic furniture from back in the day.

Rating: 7/10

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