Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

Get ready for some visual feasting my friends, you’re in for a treat!

There’s no place like home indeed.

With its eclectic and comfy furniture, well thought out displays and architecture, Wild Honey had already won me over with its decor.

Adding on brilliant service, and tasty food, Wild Honey is out to impress.

I made a reservation for 2pm, and when I arrived around 1.45pm, Wild Honey was teeming with hungry locals and expats alike. I had to wait until around 2.15pm-2.30pm or so to be seated, but I have no qualms about that since the staff were extremely pleasant, and Guy Wachs, my former neighbour, even came around to offer the waiting customers complimentary cakes to nibble on while in line. Talk about good customer service!

Sugar cubes! Such a simple touch that added to the quaint atmosphere.

The menu

I’ve been wanting to go to Wild Honey pretty much ever since they opened a year or so back, and I’ve always had my eye on the Tunisian breakfast, but more about that later. Here are our drinks!

Lemon Tea

Drizzling some honey into the cute tea cup. This was some form of Lemon Tea.

Banoffee Brulee

Thick banana milkshake with nice accents of caramel and honey. Topped with meringue which was a nice touch. It was pretty good, but is rather rich.. more like a liquid dessert, so do order this to share, or in fact, drinks aren’t really necessary as the food is the star. (Feel free to order drinks to “complete the experience” or for the novelty of being served cool drinks)

Mandarin Wilderness

A tower of pretty pink icy goodness. The drink, or rather ice-blended mocktail did not taste too artificial and had some raspberries served alongside it. Be warned though, this is huge! Here’s another photo to show its height.

One should not try to attempt this alone. Especially with the generous servings of food to be enjoyed later on.

Similarly, this is more of a dessert than a drink, so share it with a friend. It is a pleasant treat on a blistering hot day.

Do eat the tower of pink quickly though, because when it melts, you’ll have to slurp up the liquid part before the cup overflows.

Now, on to the best part…the food!

The English Breakfast

A hearty serving of the full english breakfast. Sausages, bacon, potatoes, baked beans, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms, freshly toasted brioche… Delicious and extremely filling! My foodie in crime is Β a big eater like me (all us girls can eat!), so she could finish the whole set on her own. [Actually all three of us finished all our sets on our own.. big eaters party!]

The food was of high quality, and everything was cooked well. The brioche in particular was very fluffy. If you like to stick to something safe, go for the familiar ol’ english breakfast, you can’t go wrong.

Portobello Road

This is similar to their Norwegian, but instead of wrapping the eggs in smoked salmon, its served on a bed of wilted spinach and portobello mushroom.

Simple, but well executed. The mushroom and spinach were well seasoned, and the eggs were beautifully poached.

Are you ready for some yolk porn? Wait for it….

Just look at that yolk oozing onto the wilted spinach and mushroom, mingling with the rich hollandaise sauce, and finally flowing down the thick brioche like golden lava. Are you on your way to Wild Honey yet?

Tunisian Breakfast

Finally! My long awaited Tunisian breakfast πŸ˜€ A tasty tomato stew with chorizo sausages and topped with two eggs. Oh but wait, that’s not all. Its served with two generous slices of brioche to dip into the glorious stew. I loved it! Slightly spicy, the Tunisian is unlike any breakfast I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend you to order this dish if you’re the adventurous sort. The Shakshouka was delicious, and extremely satisfying. Like the previous two breakfasts, the portion was generous, but being a big eater, I could handle it on my own.

Here’s a closer look at the tummy-warming stew served in an adorable pan.Yep, that’s all yours. Feast your eyes.

With great service, a nice homely atmosphere, and generous portions of delicious food, Wild Honey deserves a perfect score! If you want to be picky, the only problem would be that it is always too crowded, so you have to make reservations before hand, and still be prepared to wait. Or if you wake up late, have a light breakfast, and come down around 3pm or later when its less crowded so you won’t have to wait for too long.

Wild Honey definitely wins my vote with its prompt, polite service and more importantly delicious food. As for the complaints earlier this year about favouring foreigners? I’d say that was a rare occasion that kicked up unnecessary fuss. Good restaurants are bound to be crowded, so expect to have a few occasional slips in service.

Rating: 9/10

Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square #03-01
Tel: 6636 1816
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 9am to 9pm;
Fridays to Saturdays from 9am to 10pm
Website: www.wildhoney.com.sg


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