Tea time!

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tea time!

Its time for tea! I look forward to tea time every day, as I get to take a break from whatever I’m doing, and just sit down to savour some delicious treats with my mum. This round, we went to the much raved about Tiong Bahru Bakery.

The first thing that caught my attention was the unique door which swung both inward and outward at the same time. I can’t really describe it. Its kind of like a revolving door that you see at fancy hotel lobbies, just that with only one door. Nonetheless, it adds to the novelty of dining at a new place!

Earlier on, I’d actually gone to Tiong Bahru Bakery around 7pm to grab a chocolate croissant (they ran out of the original, of course). And it was still good, even though it wasn’t hot! The chocolate was nice and rich, and the croissant was buttery.

This time round, I dined in, and it was a good experience overall.


Lemon tart

Lemon tart

I heard about their lemon tart before coming, and was looking forward to some citrusy goodness. But this other version of their lemon tart was extremely blah. The lemon rinds were hard, and I could barely bite through them. The tart was hard too, and a little too sweet. I’d strongly recommend you not to order this.

I was expecting something like this: IMG_5598credits

But apparently it wasn’t on the menu that day 🙁 I was so shocked when my foodie in crime brought this lemon tart back. I check 3 times with different staff, whether this was the lemon tart.. and although they share the same name, I’m sure they taste nothing alike.


Apple Crumble Tart

Apple Crumble

This was better. The apple was fragrant, and paired nicely with the sweet, buttery crumble topping. They sell a mixed berries crumble too, which looked pretty good as well. Be sure to order a drink though, cause after eating this, I could feel the beginnings of a sore throat.


And I saved the best for last….



Buttery and flaky, this was delicious! Unfortunately it wasn’t hot out of the oven, but it was tasty nonetheless. This is clearly the best item, and they kept baking batches cause pretty much every table had a croissant (of some form.. chocolate, almond, original…) on it. This is a must order! I loved how the croissant was layered so prettily, I’ve never seen a croissant with such intricate twists before. It adds to the pleasure of eating such a pretty and yummy item.

Tiong Bahru Bakery is a nice place to dine at, although finding a table might be a problem since it is always crowded. Of course, if you don’t like the idea of squeezing into small tables, closely packed with other diners, you probably wouldn’t enjoy yourself. But the smells, and omnomworthy display of freshly baked breads and pastry makes the ambience even better.

Is this place worth the hype? So far it hasn’t been particularly outstanding. I’m still on the fence, since only their croissant has managed to impress me. Maybe I’ll give their lemon tart a shot to see if they can win me over to the right side of the fence.

Rating: 7/10

Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon Street
Singapore 160056

Contact Number:             6220 3430

Operating Hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays, 8.00am till 8.00pm
(Closed on Tuesdays)

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