Cheeseburger with straight cut sour cream and onion fries

Everything with Fries

Everything with Fries

40 Lorong Mambong

Holland Village

I’ll tell you guys outright that I’m not a fan of fries, so it does seem rather ironic that I went to Everything with Fries for a meal. Well, let’s just say that EwF is so good, I actually ate all my fries (and it was a huge serving!)

Disclaimer: I didn’t take many photos cause I was ravenous and the food just looked so delicious, I could barely wait to tuck in.

Cheeseburger with straight cut sour cream and onion fries

Cheeseburger with straight cut sour cream and onion fries ($11.90)

The bread bun was super duper moist, beating the potato buns at Food for though by a clear mile. In fact, this burger is way better than the burgers at Food for thought and Burger Shack.. which is quite funny, especially since burger should be the specialty at Burger Shack.

The bun was so pilllowy soft that you could barely taste it when you ate it with the patty. The cooks must know what they are doing cause without any bread to distract you, the star of this burger is the generous amount of succulent beef. The beef patty was moist, flavorful and perfectly seasoned. Definitely the best burger I’ve ever eaten. As for the fries, you could actually taste the potato (unlike Mickey Ds and some places), and the seasoning was nice.

King NZ Salmon

King NZ Salmon with Shoestring Garlic and Herb Fries ($18.90)

This photo does not do it justice. The salmon was cooked perfectly, and melted in my mouth. It was quite amazing how well the salmon was executed considering the fact that they only fried one side of the salmon with crunchy browned bread crumbs, and somehow the salmon remained just nice throughout the entire meal, unlike some places where the salmon continues cooking in its own heat, and ends up becoming hard. The salmon was served with yummy lemon butter too. My only problem with this, was that I do not like the idea of an already oily fish being fried, but nonetheless the texture and taste of the salmon was great.

The fries were crunchy and delicious! They were generously seasoned with the garlic and herbs, and since I don’t usually eat fries, these are a must try cause I finished nearly all my fries! They were so addictive.

Both the meals came with a caesar salad at the side topped with cheese and bacon bits with added a lighter and pleasant contrast to the rich food we were eating.

When you eat good food, you don’t need to add condiments, so even though there were sauces readily available, most people did not even use it, let alone glance at it. Good quality food is good on its own. (See the contrast with McDonald’s and other fast food chains? Everyone loads up on the condiments.. its cause the food doesn’t taste good, but people still eat it anyway 😐 )

Oh yes, I saw someone ordering a Ham and Cheese sandwich, but I don’t recommend you order it cause it looks really simple, just a normal ham and cheese sandwich you can put together on your own, (x2 since they gave 4 slices of bread). Order the cheeseburger instead!

Furthermore, the meal kept me full for 6 hours, actually even longer, but I’m not one to skip meals, so I ate dinner anyway. 6 hours is quite a feat, considering I get hungry every 3 hours or so. In fact, it kept my dining buddy full for a good 8-9 hours, so if the meal seems expensive to you, its actually reasonable since you don’t snack until the next meal!

I have yet to try the nutella tart and mille crepe, but it looks amazing.

On a final note, the ambience here is nice and simple, (and they even have a mini library, just a few shelves) like awfully chocolate, mainly white and black themed.

Oh wow, this was a long post, and it was so much easier than writing an academic essay, that’s what passion does for you. Haha, when I have lots to write, it means that the place is good, so you should head on down!

Rating: 8.9/10 

I couldn’t help myself: Word Count: 699 words XD

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