Cute brochure

Paris Baguette Cafe

Cute brochure

435 Orchard Road, #02-48 to 53 Wisma Atria, Singapore 239977

I was out for a walk with my fellow food lover when we caught a glimpse of this brightly lit, squeaky clean and new-looking bakery. Despite looking so new, Paris Baguette Cafe was attracting a steady flow of customers. Being me, I joined the queue. After all, long queues = good food, no? (Most of the time at least)

First thing that shocked me was that this bakery is from Korea. That’s right, not Paris, despite its name. And they are authentically korean. The staff were even speaking korean to some of their customers! If the true-blue koreans come here for good eats that they are familiar with, I’m joining in.

Now for the food!

Freshly baked Baguette

I thought since they’ve got Baguette in their name, they must be good for it right? Well, their baguette was not bad, unfortunately not as good as I thought it would be. This clearly isn’t their signature item, tastewise, even though they may be called Paris Baguette Cafe. Give this a miss, and go for their other unique bakes.

Giant UFO (aka Custard filled bun of omnom deliciousness)
If you look really closely, you can see specks of vanilla bean. 

This Giant UFO bun is a custard filled bun shaped like a UFO. It has a sweet biscuity crust, with a soft pillowy centre. The bun is so thin, just enough to hold the generous filling of fragrant, wobbly custard within. You definitely have to give this a try! This is such a unique item, and it has one of the best custard fillings I’ve tasted.


Sonoma… hmm, maybe its a korean word for peanut. Well, this bun is covered with a fragrant crunchy peanut exterior which adds a nice oomph to this bread. It doesn’t look very appetizing, and I didn’t think just having a peanut coating would add much taste. But I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance of the peanut coating. You could really taste and smell the peanuts. The crunchiness of the coating also nicely complemented the softness of the bun. I’d recommend this as well.

Paris Baguette Cafe offers dine-in options as well, but judging from past reviews, you’re better off going for the takeaway bakery options which are value for money, and tasty. The dine-in options are more expensive, and after paying so much, I’m sure you won’t be as satisfied with your food (even if it is above average).

Rating: 8/10


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