Tao’s Restaurant

Tao’s Restaurant

1 Selegie Road, PoMo 
(Formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
#B1-19, Singapore 188306

For reservations, please call 
6339 8858

My friend told me about this restaurant which serves affordable six/seven course meals of good quality. (Six course lunch @ $25.80 and seven course dinner @ $35.80—> That’s why its more worth it to go for lunch, I mean would you pay $10 more for ONE course?It’s still reasonably priced though, compared to many other restaurants, but when you compare lunch and dinner prices…)  

Being a typical Singaporean, I was excited. I mean cheap and good? I’m in!

So, I made sure I checked this place out, and I’m pleased to say Tao’s did not dissapoint.

Course 1: Bacon and Mushroom Gratin

This was cheesy, melty, and everything a gratin should be. It was delicious slathered on the fluffy bread that came with it. Feel free to ask for more bread! (But don’t eat SO much that you don’t have space for the next few courses)

Course 2: Mushroom Soup

This was a hit with my whole family! It was creamy, and generously filled with fresh mushroom. 

Course 3: Fruit Salad

This was interesting. It was chopped fruits topped with crab meat, topped with some mango glaze. It was unique, but it didn’t really suit my tastes. In fact, most of the starters were too unique for our liking. Maybe we just can’t appreciate such atas food.  

We also tried:

Cold noodles (forgot the name)

Farmboy Splendour (basically a fancy name for Chicken Salad)

Prawn Roll with pork floss topped with mango glaze

All of which were forgettable, with the exception of the Prawn roll which was not bad.

Course 4: Drinks (yup, drinks are counted as a course here)

Rose Apple tea

Grassjelly Mint Tea

Summer peach tea

All the drinks came with a small spoon or fork for you to eat up the apple/grass jelly/peach. I really liked all the drinks, and my favorite would be the rose apple tea.

Course 5: Main course! 

BBQ Pork ribs

The baby back ribs were delicious! I definitely recommend this. The meat was so tender it slid of the bones easily, and the marinade was delicious.

Baked Atlantic Flounder with Cheese

Generously topped with melted cheese, this dish is ideal for cheese lovers or fussy kids.

Sea Bass

This photo absolutely does not do this justice. The seabass was perfectly cooked with melt-in-the-mouth fish and tasty sauce served alongside. Another must order.

Course 6:

Brownie with Ice cream

The usual brownie with ice cream. Not particularly bad or good.


Again, nothing spectacular, I think you should order the other desserts cause the mochi was kinda tiny. It was pretty sad to look at.

Overall, Tao’s gives you cheap and good quality food in a nice dining atmosphere, I think you ought to give it a try! For such reasonable prices, I cannot have many complaints about the food. Especially with such high standards (clearly executed in their main courses), I must say that I’m impressed and extremely satisfied with their food.

Rating: 8/10

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