146 Ang Ku Kueh

Lim Lam Hong Confectionery

Blk 146 Jalan Bukit Merah,#01-1086,Singapore 160146

Phone:             +65 6273-5159     

 Email: 146angkukueh@gmail.com

Website: www.146angkukueh.blogspot.sg 

Operating Hours: Daily: 8 am to 7.30 pm

146 Ang Ku Kueh

Someone’s going old school today! My past few posts were mainly about western food and recipes. So today, I’m going back to my roots with a post about old school chinese food! 

Pictured above is Ang Ku Kueh (A sticky kind of kueh, encasing various fillings, usually yellow bean or ground peanuts and sugar), a Singaporean tea time delicacy.

I visited 146 Ang Ku Kueh or Lim Lam Hong Confectionary, at Jalan Bukit Merah, to see if their Ang Ku kueh’s were really as good as they claimed to be. 

I’m glad to say I wasn’t disspointed.

They have a wide variety of flavours, including traditional flavors of mung bean and peanut, as well as modern flavours like durian, yam and even green tea!

Also, 146 Ang Ku Kueh is the only place I’ve been to that sells mini ang ku kueh.

Mung bean Ang ku kueh

For this post, I’ll be rating the ang ku kueh as a whole, since there are too many flavours to cover. If you’re curious, I tried yam, mung bean, peanut, coconut, sweet potato and red bean. 

Overall, the kueh casing was thin, soft, and chewy, and it was perfect in the sense that it doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth when you are eating it. However, I found the kueh to be too oily though, cause I could see and feel the oiliness.The fillings were generous and not too sweet. I would recommend buying the normal sized ang ku kueh though, since there’s more filling, and 2 small ang ku kueh’s don’t make up to one normal sized ang ku kueh (so you’ll be getting more bang for your buck if you get the normal sized one)

The mini akk’s are $0.40 and the normal ones are $0.80.

To be honest, the kueh was good, but not spectacular. But being a product of this westernised world, I’m not exactly the best person to judge a traditional delicacy. I mean, how unforgettable can kueh’s like this be?

Rating: 7/10

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