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Hey hey. I’ve been wanting to try the pancakes at Food for thought for quite awhile now, and I’m proud to say, I found time, like I always do, to give it a try. I didn’t take photos on my first trip there, but I had their pulled pork burger, and their mushroom soup. Thumbs up for the pulled pork burger, I’d give it a 8/10, with brownie points for their homemade potato buns. The burger buns were really good, they weren’t just there to hold the meat together, like the usual tasteless burger buns out there. These freshly made potato buns were fragrant, perfectly chewy and delicious!

The mushroom soup was pretty good too, with chunks of mushroom swirled in the rich mushroomy goodness, so this gets a rating of 8/10 as well.

Now, on to the items that I did that a photo of (on my second trip).

Original Burger:


To be honest, I forgot the name of this burger, but it was the original beef burger patty. It was topped with a lime mayo type sauce as you can see, with just simple veg like tomatoes and lettuce as toppings. The fries and drink comes separately if you order a set. (I suggest you order a set as the burger looks quite sad without the fries)

The burger buns were once again awesome, and the patty juicy. But I think that its rather small, especially for the full grown men out there. Maybe they should use smaller plates so it looks like you’re getting more, cause at the moment, the burger only takes up slightly more than half the plate without fries. This burger wasn’t out of the world though, I still prefer their pulled pork burger.

Rating: 7/10


*drumroll please…*

Raspberry and dark chocolate pancakes!!



Now, doesn’t that look ahmazingggg. It actually fills up the entire plate, which is about 12 inches? I’m not sure, but its one (or rather two) big pancake(s)!

The dark chocolate chips were melting on the freshly made pancakes, so I just had to spread them around to ensure an even spread of chocolatey goodness. They were very generous, so I didn’t have to worry about splitting the chocolate between the two pancakes, because… they had even more chocolate chips on top of the second pancake!

The pancakes were fluffy, and delicious, and the sweet, and slight tanginess of the raspberries paired excellently with the bittersweet dark chocolate. A matchmade in heaven.

And that’s not all! The fresh whipped cream served at the side, with rich gula melaka syrup made this dessert all the more indulgent. Usually, they top the pancakes with the whipped cream and drizzle the gula melaka over, but I didn’t want my cream to melt, so I had it served on the side.

To me, the toppings on the pancakes were more than enough to flavour it, so I didn’t use much of the gula melaka.

Here’s what it would look like if you order it with cream on top (the normal way):

(credits to

One day, I’ll try the banana walnut pancakes (above)

Rating: 9.5/10

I would go back there just for their pancakes! Its going to be awhile before I find (if I ever find) pancakes that are better than these.

Oh and I love the ambience there. Somehow once I step in, I feel so happy. Maybe its cause I know that some of their proceeds go to the needy.. Do visit Food for thought if you haven’t! They are definitely worth a try 🙂

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