Mixed Berries Tart from Fredo Galaxy

Fredo Galaxy at Tanglin Halt

Address: Blk 46-3 Commonwealth Drive, #01-388

Tel: +65 9185 2932

Opening Hours

Mon–Sat: 8.30am – 8.30pm 
Sun: 8.30am – 6pm 
(Closed on Tue)

  <— So that’s just a teaser of what you’re about to see.

Be warned. This is a berry tart of gastronomic proportions. Get some tissue ready, you may drool at first sight. 

Alright, so I jest. But the Mixed Berries Tart ($6.30 if I’m not wrong) from Fredo Galaxy is the best berry tart, or best fruit tart for that matter, that I have ever had.

Take a look at this little piece of heaven:

The first thing that hit me was how generous they were with the berries. Given the cost of berries in Singapore, this tart is actually quite worth it. Next, the sweetness and smoothness of the custard pairs perfectly with the crunchy tart pastry base. It was just so tasty. You should definitely give it a try. 

Fredo Galaxy sells other things like cakes and bread as well. I’ve only tried their marble cake and their brownie. The marble cake was pretty good! It tastes even better when you heat it up. I can’t really remember how the brownie tasted, so I don’t think it was particularly great. (They both look pretty tasty though, as seen below :D)

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Rating: (for the tart) 9/10

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