Plain Vanilla Bakery

@ Holland Village

After seeing quite a few friends buying PV cupcakes, I was determined to try them for myself. This cosy bakery is tucked away on the 2nd floor (above El Patio Mexican restaurant & Wine bar and opposite Harry’s Bar). If you didn’t know about them, you probably wouldn’t have noticed them. The first thing that hit me when I entered their tiny bakery was the delicious aroma of cupcakes baking. It was like being in cupcake heaven!

The cupcakes are laid out on a simple wooden table, with only a glass panel separating you from these goodies. PV Bakery has about 9 flavors, but here are the six that I tried. 

Strawberry White Chocolate cupcake

This cupcake had some pretty good reviews, and is supposed to be one of the more popular flavours. The cake was moist, and there was a filling of fresh, sliced strawberries. However, the main drawback for me was the icing. The icing was way too sweet for my liking.

Banana Chocolate Cupcake

I didn’t try this cupcake. But my friend who tried it said that the chocolate overpowered the banana flavor, so it tasted more like a chocolate cupcake.

Dark Chocolate Ganache cupcake

This is my favorite cupcake by far! The cupcake has a dark chocolate topping dipped in some nuts and crushed chocolate chunks, instead of the usual icing. The cupcake was not too sweet, and the use of dark chocolate made it a decadent treat. The crunchy topping also perfectly complemented the richness of the cupcake. (If icing was used, I think the cupcake would have been too heavy)

Red Velvet cupcake

Another favorite from PV bakery. The cupcake was definitely better than my first red velvet cupcake that I had at Pique Nique. (

The cupcake had a stronger cocoa flavor and like the other cupcakes, was moist.

However, the cream cheese frosting threw me off again. It was way too sweet for my liking. In fact, the sweetness nearly overpowered the cream cheese taste.

Carrot cupcake

Another cupcake that I didn’t try. But the comment I received was that the icing was too sweet yet again. But the cupcake itself was good (moist and flavorful)

Chocolate Hazelnut cupcake

This cupcake is another popular choice at PV bakery. The chocolate cupcake has a chocolate hazelnut filling (Nutella if i’m not wrong) which made this a delight to eat. This will be a favorite with young kids.

Overall, PV bakery is not a bad choice, especially with cupcakes priced at $3.50 each, and at $18 for half a dozen. However, in terms of natural ingredients, I still think the Cupcake Engineer wins hands down. I’m still willing to pay more for their cupcakes since nothing can beat the clean aftertaste after eating their freshly baked cupcakes made from natural, healthier ingredients. [More focus on the flavor rather than presentation (which often involves commercial ingredients)]

Rating: 6/10 (minus the health factor) 

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