Pique Nique

Pique Nique

Takashimaya Outlet (Next to KFC)


I have been wanting to try the food at Pique Nique especially since my friends have been raving about the cheesy goodness in their food. Although I’m not a huge fan of cheese, I decided to try their ‘Meaty Mac N Cheese’ (I can’t remember the exact name) which is Mac&Cheese with bolognese sauce, topped with a poached egg. When my food came, served in a saucepan-like thing, I couldn’t wait to dig in. The Mac&Cheese was delicious, although there was a bit too much cheese for me (it covered nearly the whole top layer), the tomato bolognese sauce perfectly complemented the cheesiness so it wasn’t too overpowering. The egg was poached  nicely, although it looked kind of awkward sitting a top a bed of cheese. I would rate this dish 8/10 as it was my favorite of the lot.

Another dish I tried was the “Chicken Mac N Cheese” (Actually I don’t know its name but it was basically roasted chicken strips with mac n cheese). It was pretty good as well, but without the tomato sauce, this dish was too cheesy for me. So cheese lovers, go ahead and order this! (They even have a four cheese mac n cheese if you are crazy about cheese) For me this was a 7/10

Also, I tried some of my friend’s Seafood(or crab) Chowder. I’m not a fan of crab soup so I didn’t really like it. And my friend complained about how the bread was too hard. I’d rate this 4/10.

Finally, I had the Red Velvet Cupcake. It looks like a huge hunk of red in the picture cause they coat the cream cheese frosting in the Red Velvet Cupcake crumbs. This was my first Red Velvet Cupcake so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know that Red Velvet Cupcakes should taste more chocolatey though. The cupcake tasted more like a butter cupcake, with cream cheese topping. While it was interesting eating a red cupcake (clearly dyed with food colouring), I wasn’t a huge fan. On the other hand, my friend loved the cream cheese frosting so I suppose its personal preference. I prefer cupcakes which are less commercial, those which use fresh and natural ingredients and focus on taste rather than presentation. Anyway, this cupcake was pretty overpriced at slightly over 5 bucks. So it gets a rating of 5/10.

In conclusion, I would return for the Mac N Cheese, and the ambience (the eclectic furniture is really fun to sit on).

Rating: 7/10

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