Golden Pillow 933

Golden Pillow 933

1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #05-11 Enterprise One (S) 415934 
Tel :             6323 8933        Fax : 6222 8933   
Operation Hours: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm

After seeing this in a magazine recently, I decided today was the perfect day to try this ’Golden Pillow’. This is essentially chicken/fish/mutton curry within a giant bread bun. To prevent the curry from making the bun soggy, the curry is encased in a plastic bag within the bun. Pretty ingenious right!

Golden Pillow 933 sells other dishes as well, but this dish is what they are famous for (Hence their name). The chicken curry and fish curry costs $14.80 each, whilst the mutton curry costs $17.80. There is a $3 delivery charge for orders below $30.

Now, back to the food. 

The food took about 1.5hours to arrive, so you have to order early if you want to eat on time. Unfortunately, by the time the food arrived, it wasn’t really that hot anymore. But I closed one eye.

I tore open the buttery, soft bread to reveal the bright orange curry packed neatly in a plastic bag within a paper wrap. The curry was just nice, not too spicy. However, it didn’t have much chicken meat in it. The second bun I ordered had more meat in it, thankfully.

I also ordered dried Mee Siam at the side, which was average as well.

Their portions are pretty large, but my family of 5 can finish 2 Golden Pillows (we have a big appetite), but I shall leave it to you guys to decide.

Overall, the food is mediocre, and I probably will not be a repeat customer. But for the fun of tearing open a gigantic bun, and dipping the curry within, I say this is worth it. 

On hindsight, the bread/curry would have tasted better if I had heated it up in the microwave. Perhaps the bread bowl wouldn’t have hardened that quickly.

Rating: 5/10 (+the fun factor)

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