Cupcake Engineer

Cupcake Engineer

After reading about the cupcakes made with natural ingredients, unlike many of the commercial cupcakes nowadays, I was determined to try these cupcakes to see if they were worth the extra effort of getting better ingredients. 

The cupcakes were displayed on dainty little trays behind a small glass counter, and there were flavors such as Ho-ho horlicks, Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon (I can’t remember the cute names they used) There were only at most 3 of each flavor displayed at one time. Since the cupcakes are baked in-house, they do run out of flavors quite fast, so you’ll have to wait for them to bake another tray.

I bought two cupcakes, each priced at $4 (pretty overpriced for such small cupcakes)— Lemon and Horlicks.

The lemon cupcake had just the right amount of tanginess in the light, airy buttercream. And the lemon curd drizzled over it made it look and taste even better. The cupcake itself was light, and not to sweet. 

The horlicks cupcake was delicious too! The horlicks buttercream was nice and light, and it was topped with a Malteser. Another pleasant surprise was yet another Malteser buried underneath the buttercream. The cupcake was moist and had a nice, not too overpowering Horlicks flavour to it.

What I like about both the cupcakes is that they had a clean finish to it. They were light on the palate, and I didn’t feel like guilty after eating it.

So, the verdict? 

These cupcakes are worth it, since the quality ingredients set them apart from other cupcakes laden with sugar and colouring. The cupcakes focus on flavor rather than aesthetics, which is more important to me.

Rating: 7/10 

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