Granny’s Pancakes (Min Chiang Kueh)

Man Chang Kueh

Hey guys!

I was at Ghim Moh Food centre today when I stumbled on Granny’s Pancakes which is rated for its man chang kueh. They sell 3 for $2.00 so I decided to try the peanut ones. They also sell Red Bean, Coconut and Peanut Butter.

I ordered two peanut versions (above left) and one peanut butter version (above right & below). 

I thought the peanut butter man chang kueh would simply be peanut butter, but it was actually the peanut version, with added peanut butter (Additional ten cents).

Their dough is pretty fragrant, and it isn’t too thick either. I would have preferred mine to be crunchier though.

The peanut filling was tasty, and not too sweet. The peanut butter added to the creaminess of the man chang kueh, but it would have tasted as good without it.

The pieces that have been cut from the side also have quite a nice amount of crispy edges (see above left)

Rating: 7/10

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